Mid-East Mess; Obama; Sell-out

“In the Bible, Esau sold his birthright for a mess of potage — some red lentil soup, to be exact. Looking at the week’s events, it seems that this country has sold its glorious birthright of constitutional government by honest men and women for a mess of potage — a false promise of hope a”potage;” This is biblical.  Lentil soup is one of my favorites and nothing by Obama makes my top 1000.  OTOH, Clarice is one of my favorite pundits and, as usual, she nails this one.  Her column builds on a crescendo the last two graphs.  Don’t miss it.

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Iran; Dishonor; War; Obama; Churchill

I can’t add a word to this City Journal editorial, but it’s as good and accurate as they get.

First and last graphs are classic. The Churchill rebuke to Neville Chamberlain, returning from Munich in 1937, on the floor of Parliament, “You chose dishonor, and you will have war.” This resonated then as now, like a sledgehammer to the solar plexi.

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VATs; Taxes; Government;

Value Added Taxes (VATs,) have been proliferating and rates are rising, worldwide.  US: stand by.  Governments are voraciously hungry and the VAT is the most efficient method of raising taxes and its semi-stealthy, being levied at every step of the production chain but not at the point of retail sale.  Ernst & Young, which recently conducted and published its findings, said that standard VAT rates now average a economy crippling 21.6% in the European Union, up from 19.4% in 2008.  This is, of course, on top of income and social service taxes.

Because the US tax system is already pounding the economy to sluggish or negative annual results and its annual deficit is adding to the current $18 TRILLION amount, not even included unfunded liabilities, the US is already well on its way toward insolvency.  A VAT would guarantee that on an even faster schedule.  Notwithstanding that reality, Democrats continue to push for one.

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Hillary Clinton; Justice; emailgate

Defending the indefensible.  “Coined by an English judge nearly a century ago, the phrase was summarized by the late educator John Silber as the “domain” that exists between law and free choice.”With the Clintons, of course, their choice is always freedom from the law, the law being, at most, a speed-bump, requiring a reduction of speed in their incessant quest for more power.

The photo-shopped pic, below, which accompanies the linked item, may, to some, be premature and, to others being part of a ‘right-wing conspiracy,’ but, to me, it’s never too early to suggest parallels.  Bill might join me (don’t hold your breath,) in tipping his hat to Clyde, of Bonnie &) but there are enough likely felonious acts between them  to elevate them, especially Hillary (elements of emailgate, including violating national secrets act; soliciting foreign donations while in office et al) to a parallel universe (I am not counting the demise of any of those who perished suspiciously during the Clinton Administration (Vince Foster, James McDougal and up to 48 others, notwithstanding snopes’ ridicule.

Hillary’s army of supporters, from the lofos to the professional consigliores, such as Lanny Davis and James Carville, are miles away from her support, but as this story has the legs of a cross of a cheetah’s speed and an elephant’s strength, her support among Independents and white collar working class males will be as lasting as a sand castle at high tide.

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US Laws; IRS; Justice

Two US Senators have introduced a bill to license tax preparers.  It claims that enforcement will reduce fraud and increase competence.  It will do neither.  What it will do is increase the cost of tax services, first by putting many small such businesses out of business because the cost of compliance is so high.  As for its stated purposes, the IRS has the primary responsibility for reducing fraud, first by not sending refund checks before checking existing data with what’s on inbound returns.  With respect to identity fraud claiming refunds, it won’t affect that at all.  Another law without a purpose which will increase costs to taxpayers.  Are the two Senators ignorant, naive or what?


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Obama; Iran; “Nuke deal” GW Bush

In the summer of ’08, before Obama was elected, President Bush’s negotiations with Iran over a nuclear deal had stalled and Obama sent a secret message to the mullahs that, if elected, he would be much easier to deal with.

Given that Obama and the Democrat Senators have gone ballistic over the GOP letter to the mullahs, written by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-AR, and even called Cotton a “traitor,” it seems to me that what Obama did as a Senator in ’08 was much worse than what the GOP Senators did last week.

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SCOTUS; King vs. Burwell; ACA; Obamacare; Democrats;

Today was first day of oral arguments in King vs. Burwell before the SCOTUS, a case to determine whether the language of the law, ‘subsidies available only to qualified insureds under state exchanges;’ or the imaginary application decreed by the IRS on behalf of the Obama Administration and the Democrats of Congress (not a single Republican voted for the act,) that they “obviously” meant that subsidies would apply as well to those insured under the federal exchanges.

If the SCOTUS is to preserve its function to consider laws as written, abiding by the Constitutional “separation of powers,” it has to uphold King.  In the Constitutional case for Obamacare, Chief Justice Roberts, who cast the deciding vote upholding the law, calling the penalty a “tax,” said, famously, “It is not our job to protect the people from the  consequences of their political choices.”  This column provides you, the reader with a good summary of the arguments on both sides.  The plaintiffs’ is based on 4 words of the law; the defendants’ on the imagination of what the Democrats meant, not withstanding the consistency of the language and the background of it.

One of the fallacious arguments of the defendants is that there would be chaos and financial ruin should millions lose the subsidies paid under federal exchanges.  This is purely speculative, as Republicans have proposed, without legislation, as yet, transition fixes, one of which was unveiled today..

A decision by SCOTUS  is expected by the end of June.

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Netanyahu; Congressional Democrats; Obama; Iranian nuclear threat

Israeli Prime Minister Yetanyahu delivered a speech before a packed joint session of Congress, today, although, with more than a few Democrats boycotting the speech, but not an opportunity to deny reality or criticize Speaker Boehner or Republicans, in general.  Denigrating the Prime Minister and his country, notwithstanding Iran’s 35-year pledge (apparently in it’s constitution) to annihilate Israel from the face of the planet, the Democrats treat the integrity of Iran as if it were Britain, not a country which has sponsored and initiated terror, world-wide and not once lived up to one of its promises.  To get a flavor of the rancor of the Democrats, a small smorgasbord of vitriol is on display at powerlineblog.com.

If you missed the speech, which, by the way, was not televised by the 3 networks,  notwithstanding its historic ramifications, see the video and transcript.

Obama tosses out, “nothing new,” demonstrating his usual ignorance of both the speech and reality.

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Obama; Dictatorship; Illegal aliens

Long before the Federal judge issued his injunction declaring Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty to 4.5 million illegals last week, going back to 2009, Obama has issued 7.4 Million Work Permits to illegals.  Nothing short of indicting Obama and all participants of all departments involved in this illegal activity must be indicted, tried and convicted.

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Obama; Ignorance; Naivite;

The Obama Administration, from the President through all of its departments, only with occasional individual exceptions, is both ignorant and naive.  What a sad, tragic and dangerous situation.  Clarice Feldman pens one of the best columns on the subject I’ve run across.

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