Obama; Dictatorship; Illegal aliens

Long before the Federal judge issued his injunction declaring Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty to 4.5 million illegals last week, going back to 2009, Obama has issued 7.4 Million Work Permits to illegals.  Nothing short of indicting Obama and all participants of all departments involved in this illegal activity must be indicted, tried and convicted.

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Obama; Ignorance; Naivite;

The Obama Administration, from the President through all of its departments, only with occasional individual exceptions, is both ignorant and naive.  What a sad, tragic and dangerous situation.  Clarice Feldman pens one of the best columns on the subject I’ve run across.

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Obama’s budget; GOP’s response

Obama has submitted “a budget to Congress by releasing a $4 trillion boondoggle, replete with tax increases and leftist fantasies of burgeoning government swag.”  This isn’t a joke; it’s hurling a financial nuke at our country, notwithstanding its ideological insanity.  The GOP response must be to ignore it and respond with its own budget, targeted to its principles and the country’s needs: big, not not financially.  It can’t resemble in any way an appearance of negotiation; that doesn’t work with Obama, it’s not a word he understands.

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Bipartisan Consensus; PJ O’Rourke

Bipartisan Consensus,Bipartisan Consensus.  As likely as Plutonians landing at the New England Pariots’ celebratory parade this week.

“tax pornography. There are about 1.4 trillion searches for “erotic content” per year on Google alone. At $5 a pop — as it were – the national debt would be paid off in 30 months. The tax could be even higher, because what senator or representative from either party wants to go on Face the Nation and argue in favor of cheap porn?

Yes, the porn tax would anger male voters. But what are they going to do, Google “Hillary Clinton”?”

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Loretta Lynch, nominee for Attourney General.

Loretta Lynch, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, nominated to be Mr. Holder’s replacement, has proven herself equally unfit for the office as Holder has been.  Her unequivacle support for Obama’s Executive Action granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens demonstrates.  For that reason, alone, she is unqualified to serve in any capacity in the Department of Justice, a branch of government required under the Constitution to uphold the law.

Thudbits requests that all Americans contact their two Senators to urge them to vote “No” in any confirmation vote.


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Islamic Jihad; Obama

Obama can’t/won’t call the enemy by any of its names because he refuses to recognize it as the enemy, or, as a nuisance to his ideological agenda.  Just like the Buddhists of ancient India.  The Islamists won’t quit.  The Buddhists eventually learned reality and to fight back, ultimately staving over Islam for most of India, but leading to the long war which resultied in the division of India and Pakistan.  Obama never and won’t begin to fight.  Instead, he shows his petulant hatred for Prim Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, a country he doesn’t like any more than Bibi.  He won’t recognize reality and is, therefore, an utter and dangerous fool.

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Ferguson; Anarchy; Obama

Are we on the threshold of anarchy?  Or the end of the United States, as we’ve known it, other than the early years of the Civil War?  Obama didn’t shoot Michael Brown or personally torch and of the City’s buildings.  But he did, in his inevitable way, justify the violence, with his statement that ‘anger was understandable.’  Has a President ever uttered such an irresponsible phrase.  He tried to explain that but failed.  Perhaps he came close after the Cambridge incident, but failed, even over beers.  Perhaps with whatever he said while chumming up with the Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl’s parents at the White House, but failed.  But close is relative, as we know from the game of horseshoes.

A blogger’s words:

The key word in all this discourse was that the family’s immediate reaction, including the call to violence, was “understandable.” Is this not the same word our president used when talking about the rage flaring in Ferguson? It’s also the same word a Georgetown University student recently used to describe the experience of being mugged at gunpoint.

“Understandable” is really taking off as the left ramps up the inanity even more (just when you thought it couldn’t go any higher).

So, America, it is now “understandable” for a person to lose all sense of self-control and reason and to call for the complete destruction of a town.

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Ferguson. MO; Grand Jury; Obama

The St. Louis Grand Jury does not indict Officer Wilson.  The Prosecutor makes the announcement and offers a long and measured explanation, including unemotional answers to numerous, often loaded questions. In Ferguson, the crowds are agitated and get increasingly boistrous.  They try to overturn a polihTce vehicle.  They set another on fire.  Shots are fired.  Law enforcement fires teargas and smashbangs.  The crowd breaks into Ferguson Market and Liquor Store and ransacks it.


President Obama weighs in–another remarkable event. His comments seem to assume that the grand jury’s decision was wrong. He urges those who are disappointed not to protest violently, and–even-handedly!–tells police officers not to respond violently to protests. He goes on to say that Ferguson illustrates nationwide problems of relations between police and communities, and so on. It all has to do with the need for more progress in race relations.”

He reiterates the Brown family’s plea for peace.  He rails about the system needing discussion and change.  He never mentions the black on black crime and the overwhelming percentage of crime being committed by blacks.  No mention of double digit murder of blacks ever week in his home city of Chicago and elsewhere.  He promises that Holder’s DOJ will investigate every instance of police action on blacks.  Huh???

Obama is not the President of America; he speaks as the president of blacks.

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SecDef Hagel; Lies; Obama

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was fired today, although it was officially described as a resignation.  His offense: he told the truth about ISIS, contrary to the Adminstration’s/ Obama’s “messaging that ISIS was the “Jayvee” of al Qaeda.  6 years in and one guy of the Regime tells the truth and is canned: Name the scandal, IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, VA, Obamacare, et al – nothing but lies, obfuscation and deceit.  The latest, but not the last, with 2 years to go, is the “negotiations” with Iran on their nuclear program.  Today was to be the deadline of the previously extended year and a half circle jerk by John F. Kerry & Co, marching dutifully to Obama’s orders, while the Mullahs play them like fiddles, or fools, take your pick.  End game: Iran cheats and lies and achieves nuclear weaponry, thereby setting off a regional nuclear race, as Saudi Arabia will not stand idly by.  Don’t kid yourself: the Obama Regime matches the lies and deception stroke for stroke and We, the people are being lied to.  The IAEA knows that without onsite verification, Iranian claims of “compliance” are vacuous.  Bret Stephens in his WSJ column today, nails it:

because the administration lacks the political courage of its real convictions or the martial courage of its fake ones—we are wedded to this sham process of negotiation. “They pretend to pay us; we pretend to work,” went the old joke about labor in the Soviet Union. Just so with these talks. Iranians pretend not to cheat; we pretend not to notice. All that’s left to do is stand back and wait for something to happen.

Eventually, something will happen. Perhaps Iran will simply walk away from the talks, daring this feckless administration to act. Perhaps we will discover another undeclared Iranian nuclear facility, possibly not in Iran itself. Perhaps the Israelis really will act. Perhaps the Saudis will.

God, help us.

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Elections; Voter Fraud; Photo ID

The Obama Administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) under Attorney General Holder has fought Voter ID laws diligently with lawsuits, claiming there is no voter fraud and such laws only disenfranchise minorities, notwithstanding the facts to the contrary. Project Veritas has exposed Voter Fraud in multiple states, releasing videos of Democrats handing out ballots to people claiming that they are here illegally.  In the 2012 election, in which Obama carried states with record voter participation, Texas, with its required Photo ID, had more minority voting than ever.

Interestingly, Voter Fraud occurs mostly in Democrat dominated states, which, of course, are most likely to require little or no ID.

Voter I.D. laws by state

In the Northeast, from Maine to DC and WVA, no ID of any sort is required for voting except in tiny Rhode Island.

The ‘Open Borders enabled most recently by the Obama Administration’s total lack of enforcement of existing laws is one enabling method of Voter Fraud.  Then, of course, was the Black Panther poll intimidation that Holder’s DOJ dropped the certain conviction of after the defendants failed to show for the scheduled trial.

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