Slandering the Red States, Part I  This is an incredibly clumsy HIT PIECE.


A Look inside the Super Committee.  “’I can find $1.5 trillion of budget savings in my sleep,” says Jeb Hensarling, the Republican co-chairman of the 12-member deficit reduction committee. “The hard part is getting six Democrats to agree to do it.”  Reason: they can’t find their butts with two hands.  They learned their allergy to common sense from the 3 monkeys on Ernie Kovac’s show.


Space travel 50 years old; beer, 9500 BC (5000 years before invention of the wheel!) Latest start-up: Space beer: gr8 taste, less gravity.

Book reviews.  Some recent and very recent favorites (admission of brother’s works, although they’d be on the list even if by Joe Blow:)

Into the Blue: American Writing on Aviation and Spaceflight

 User Unfriendly, Consumer struggles with Personal Technologies

 In the Garden of Beasts Love, Terror and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin.  A riveting tale of Hitler’s first years, as Chancelor and then, self-appointed President/god.

The Penn State Sex Abuse Case is beyond disgusting.  At every level.  It’s hard to conceive but, somehow, I hope Paterno was somehow ignorant of it all.


Railroads, unions weigh Settlement to Avert Strike.  Only been “negotiating for 2 years.  Amazing that railroads can make money with >90% unionization.


Sexual Harassment’s Legal Morass.  Gloria “Allblue” Allred’s “evidence’ is decidedly thin, as comparing a slice of prosciutto to the corned beef in a Carnegie Deli sandwich.  Picture link under construction but pic of sandwich flashes by if you need visual confirmation of my assertion.

As soon as I heard that Allred was involved, I became convinced that there was no substance to the latest “accusation.”  The first column I encountered on her involvement made me think I was being too harsh on Cain: “Ms. Allred has never found a beleaguered mendicant for reparations sought under the guise of spurious political correctness whose 33% she was willing to refuse. Gloria practices law like Jesse Jackson practices the ministry, with a club in one hand and the other hand out-stretched in search of filthy lucre. As low as our national opinion of lawyers might be, Ms. Allred manages to give both lawyers and feminists a worse name every time she opens her big mouth.”  As the columnist says, this is an opportunity for Cain to hit it out of the park/pizzeria.


The Worst Media Double Standard in Recent History, or how it has bolstered the Tea Party.

As Ed Driscoll wrote back last year, “Rallies without follow-through are just rallies. And the Tea Party movement is now following through with the grunt work of politics: Organizing precincts, waging primary battles, registering voters, and compiling mailing lists.”

Rallies don’t win elections. Neither do drum circles. Organizing does. Let Occupiers and Tea Partiers alike take note.

Corporate Collaborators.  Steyn unwinds. “Yet the most striking feature of OWS is its hollowness. And in a strange way the emptiness of its threats may be a more telling indictment of a fin de civilisation West than a more coherent protest movement could ever have mounted.”

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