Will North Korea Collapse?  Is there truly anything new here?  Russian hope for it is new to me, but not surprising.  As long as China supports it, it is still there as a plague and a threat.

Who is Obama’s Favorite Middle East Leader?  An anti-American Radical who loathes America and Israel.  Is Obama resetting the guy and his country?  Don’t bet on it.

The story that the Obama administration likes to tell about Iran—and the success of its policy toward it—also amounts to a combination of inaccuracy and bravado. Sanctions and sabotage have not succeeded in slowing Iran’s nuclear program. The accumulation of evidence that the program has military purposes has not stiffened the resolve of the international community. The nations of the Middle East are not coalescing into an anti-Iran coalition that will contain its ambitions. The Arab revolts are not all trending in a pro-Western direction.”

Asia rediscovers its Love for America.  “Much is being made of China’s unease at President Obama’s initiative this week to raise the U.S. presence in the Pacific Rim. The real story is Asia’s unease with China’s expansionism. It wants America back.”  What is surprising to me is Obama’s willingness, without any apparent waffling, of committing 2500 troops (Marines) to be stationed permanently in Northern Australia, with both Navy and Air Force assets rotating there for both support and joint exercises.  Australia has been a loyal and valuable ally in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.


Penn State vs. Gunwalker/Fast and Furious.  MIA on the latter.  “Obvious lies  of “I didn’t know” and “I’m not accountable” cannot be excused at Penn State. They cannot be enough at 1600 Pennsylvania, either.”


Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s ‘Green Company scored $1.4 Billion Taxpayer Bailout.  ONLY the latest.  $1-2 MILLION/job, depending on whether counting construction or ongoing employees.

US Boosts estimate of Auto Bailout to $23.6 Billion  Maybe the Govt arranged bankruptcy was smoother than a conventional one, but other than that, what did we get?  $24 Billion in increased debt and counting; bond holders got screwed royally; and GM’s chance of survival is worse as it is burdened by a UAW labor contract more expensive than it would have been under conventional reorganization.


 Bills target NLRB creation of “micro” unions Stopping a cancer promulgated by the NLRB/UNIONS.


Their legal team have radical histories.  What a shocking surprise, given that the entire organizational structure is composed of radicals.

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