An Accumulation of Little Extravagances: William F. Buckley Jr. on Barack Obama Beyond prescient.  Oh, how we miss his insights.

 A Look backward, to Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman eviscerating Frances Fox Piven’s “Equality of Results” argument.  Don’t miss this video.

 Republican reps of “Super committee:”  “We do not choose to add more to the blame game for failure of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction , but one Democratic talking point needs debunking: that the talks failed because of Republicans’ attachment to the Bush tax cuts.”

Voters’ Trust in Republicans holding firm  Lead in every category but one, huge in several.

Were Wall Street Banks bailed out?  A silly question?  Not at all.

So in what sense were “banks” “bailed out?” They weren’t “given” anything–and certainly not by the 47% paying no income taxes! Large banks were forced to take liquidity loans by the lender of last resort to prevent a bank run, protecting the 99%…while their equity holders got mercilessly hammered in the market, essentially wiped out.

 Please read this articulate correction of revisionist history for the true story.

Elliot Spitzer: a Hall of Famer for bad judgement.


 Spain: Big Mandate; Tight Spot.  Can Spain be saved? Can Europe be saved?

Pakistan-US relations in toilet after NATO raid kills 28.  Developing

DSK: what happened and what remains a mystery.  Some very strange issues.  Not clear if answers will ever surface.


House of horrors, part 2: The bursting of the global housing bubble is only halfway through. And we think we have it bad?  It’s world-wide, with variability, but the bubble continues to depress.

Dear Barack: It’s Time to give up on the Stimulus.  Fascinating analysis, which, someone must have figured out back then, but the silence was overwhelming.  Were those who did, cowed into submission, told if they spoke up they’d end up discovered dead in a graveyard, victims of suicide?

Privatize the USPS.  Politically difficult for some (Dems with union threats,) but economically, a no-brainer, to save $10Bil/year, give or take 5.


 Huntsman’s Disqualifying Distortion About Vietnam  Let’s hope (and pray) that the leaders knew he was totally offbase.  McMaster, “now also an acclaimed military historian, McMaster showed that President Johnson was more concerned than anything about his reelection, and the passage of his so-called “Great Society” programs. The war could not be allowed to jeopardize either objective. Graduated pressure was intended as a low-cost way to avoid a distracting and embarrassing loss.”  Sound familiar?


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