If Israel Strikes…  When Ehud Barak joins this conversation, you know it’s serious.  “Ehud Barak could qualify as an Israeli “dove,” but he is first and foremost a soldier and an Israeli patriot.”

The Iranians certainly think they’ve won in Iraq.

Whether we ultimately persuade ourselves that failing to extend the U.S. troop presence in Iraq was a victory for theU.S., the Iranians are certain that it was a victory for them. Consider the following recent statements by Iranian leaders and military officials after the president’s announcement that the talks were over:

“Today America has been defeated in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it has no choice but [to] leave these two countries. And it has also been defeated in North Africa.” – Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, November 2.

The President always has his interests front and center; the US interests: never mind.

A Terrorist Released.  One can count on either or both the President or the Atty Gen to buckle in favor or the terrorists.


Fascist Occupiers try to shout down Gov. Walker  The Union League Club in Chicago was, thru the late 90s, when I left, an old and very conservative, not necessarily politically, and old moneyed club.  If the membership has as many Democrats as it used to, they would be appalled by the Occupiers’ behavior and, justifiably.  As John says, hard to imagine anyone other than union thugs and anarchists being impressed.

Guiliani: Obama owns OWS.  This is not what democracy looks like.


Cain harassment:  NYTimes “article sought to bracket Cain with the Koch brothers, the billionaire bogeymen for liberals who founded the Americans for Prosperity group and pump money into conservative and liberal causes. Rather than seek to wriggle out of the association, Cain embraced it, declaring, as the room erupted: “I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother.””


John Kasich & Scott Walker on Ohio’s Uphill Battle against Government Unions.  A battle that MUST be won.  In every state; in the US.

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