April 19, 2012


Fox Business interview with Katie Pavlich, author of new book.  Note the purpose: to subvert the 2nd Amendment.  Today, #28 on amazon’s best sellers.  One reviewer said Bush started it.  Not even close,  But, of course, it’s Bush’s fault that Holder has lied and will be indicted, or impeached.


Is an Energy Crisis Looming  the 5-minute blog by Tim Dunn.  “[A] “if energy decisions are made by a handful of “experts” we will get what every other country who has ever adopted central planning gets: tyranny and poverty.”  Period, end of subject.  Read this ultra-short, but poignant, primer.


Harry Reid has serious dementia, or he’s insane.  Or both.  Believes we, seniors, like and rely on receiving junk mail.  Reason to waste $Billions preserving the USPS, as is.

When administrations implode.  As we’ve been watching the last few weeks.


New judge in Treyvon/Zimmerman case.  Very strong and fair reputation.  Sounds like he won’t take any crap from the racist bigots.  And another from a local paper, without comment other than experience with high profile murder cases.


Bo Ouster Undermines Model to Bridge China’s Wealth Gap – Sequel #1

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