April 24, 2012


Are the debates about manufacturing, energy Independence and Illegal Immigration about to become Irrelevant?  An insightful summary of recent changes to the landscape and their ramifications.

Indiana, current initiator of successful concepts, which can benefit all states and the federal government: education, asset disposition, to name two with enormous benefits.  Governor Mitch Daniels is one hell of a doer.


‘The War on Terror is Over’  we heard this earlier in his term, but now it’s official.  As opposed to President Bush, “For President Barack Obama, it would seem, one can be both with us and against us–or not with us, but not quite against us.”  Blame, distortion, rationalization – it all flows so easily from the lips of the great enunciator.

Why did so many French vote for far-right LePen?  Somewhat complicated, but, regardless of whether her strategy works, France is doomed, as if it weren’t already in the toilet, into which all of Europe is spiraling.


Overlaying Parallels – National Socialism and US Liberalism.  Today’s lesson, thanks to Steve Hayward at powerline.  My take is overlaying In the Garden of Beasts to The Rose Garden.


 Krauthammer Castigates Obama on ‘embarrassing’ Syria ‘Policy.’  Did someone mention ‘hypocrisy?’  that’s a basic ingredient of Obama rhetoric. It’s his basic cliché: promises, promises, promises.  Dr. K. advises, “Be quiet.”

His speech at the Holocaust Memorial Museum yesterday.  “The guy cannot talk about anything, no matter how somber the subject, without talking about himself. The more somber the subject, the more he talks about himself.”  “Obama made news in the speech. He has established an Atrocities Prevention Board. “Is this some kind of a joke?”

“And that’s not all! The board is to be chaired by champion Israel-hater Samantha Power.”  This is so far beyond shameful.

I thought it impossible that no supporter of Israel could possibly take this seriously, until I found this account on Bloomberg.  It’s only calling for a new name.  Kill it.  It’s just another do nothing waste of taxpayer money with a Israel-Jew hater in charge.


Occupy Wall Street is threatening to “shut down” New York City as part of May Day protests that includes plans to block Manhattan-bound bridges and tunnels.”  Lovely, but what a gazzump against liberals that will be.

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