April 29, 2012


Cartwheels from Cartagena.  Janet Napolitano: “. . an amazing response from Janet Napolitano, the hapless schnook who heads Homeland Security (the parent organization for our nation’s protective agencies). When she was asked about any other such incidents involving her personnel, with a presumably straight face, she said: “Over the past two and a half years the Secret Service office of professional responsibility has not received any such complaint.” Now we see what Obama saw in this slug. Keeping a straight face at a time like that is a real asset to anyone in Obama’s Administration.”  Of course, other tales of bawdy behavior are pouring in at the rate of people lining up at the betting window at the Kentucky Derby: the 2011 trip to El Salvador, et al.  Oh, “the hapless schnook” and “slug,” and Mark Steyn’s Janet Incompetano are added to the lexicon of the Regime.  Expect juicy vignettes from Michelle’s trips to Spain and South Africa, also.

The Lady with the Popular Front aka the Right Wing.  France needs another Socialist leader, Hollende, like more muslims.  So does the EU.  But what does LePen and today’s FN bring to the dance floor, other than law and order and anti-immigration?  Well, how about anti-statist (aka anti-EU) and nationalist aka ‘let’s be French, again.  Also, preference for ‘tenacity’ over ‘cooperation; ‘hard work and courage’ more than ‘social justice and solidarity.’  Perhaps, a lot to sell.


 Five Myths about Conservative Voters  Frank Luntz, Focus Group Extraordinaire, Reveals.  Some, most myths, are charges by Liberals, who have loudest trumpet.


One-year Anniversary of Release of Forgery, Pt 9  Trickle, trickle

Jokes won’t erase the apparent fraud of his eligibility.  If it’s such a joke, release the BC document for forensic examination and then he can joke about spending millions to deceive and obfuscate his Party and the entire American public, a serious matter.  Otherwise, he has proven himself a fraud and a liar, which has been proven daily for over four years.

One of coroner team who performed autopsy on Breitbart, dies suddenly, suspected of poisoning.  This gets weirder and weirder.


 Student Loan Reforms suggesed for lenders and borrowers.  Accountability is often missing on both ends.


Trayvon: 46 Days; Fast and Furious: 527 Days.  

The Attorney General of the State of Arizona should charge the Attorney General of the United States with negligent homicide in the deaths of Agents Terry, Zapata and Mexican nationals.

Sound extreme?

Not really. The government sanctioned program of allowing convicted felons to sell guns to drug cartels without interdiction resulted in cold-blooded murder, yet no one has been charged. Contrast that with the frenzied rush to judgment in the Trayvon Martin case.

F&F is no longer “drip, drip, drip.” The turnover of documents has stopped!   That’s why, the GOP is allegedly considering holding Holder in Contempt, for stonewalling on DOJ documents, less than 10% of which relate to the case, have been delivered to the investigating Committees.  Then, Holder issued the BOLD-faced lie during his first appearance, when he had only learned of Agent Terry’s murder a couple of weeks previous, although he was killed about a year prior.  He later said he was mistaken, or some such BS/lie.

Does anyone but flaming liberals believe that the F&F program of putting thousands of weapons in the hands of cartels, delivered by felons, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and a US Border Agent was a “political sideshow and witch hunt” as Holder has asserted?

A Contempt Charge should immediately be followed with Impeachment proceedings.  Let the Dems in the Senate deem him innocent.  The public Senate “trial’ would resolve everything, even if Holder doesn’t go to jail.

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