Benghazi; Obama Administration credibility; Historical disgrace

Whatever credibility the Obama Administration had has totally vanished since this past Wednesday via new information from the House Oversight Committee hearings and other revelations, especially by ABC’s Jonathon Karl, that the “Talking Points” were revised 12 times,  was reduced by two-thirds and was edited to hide the jihadis’ involvement, before release to the public and repeated by Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice on 5 Sunday Talk Shows, 5 days after 9/11.  That’s like summarizing Gone With the Wind as “a sweeping story about the Civil War.”  Jay Carney, Press Secretary to Obama, originally claimed that the ‘Talking Points were just changed “stylistically.”  He backtracked one millimeter Friday saying, the revisions “were extremely minimal and non-substantive.”  That doesn’t even rise to the level of spin, or even bullsh**t; it’s a blatant lie.  Friday, Jay Carney was a blubbering idiot in the face of the full White House Press corps’ assault.  Did this signal the end of the 100% fawning idolotry of the MSM?

UPDATE:  The White House has touted the Accountability Review Board (ARB) investigation of the Benghazi massacre as a review “led by two men of unimpeachable expertise and credibility that oversaw a process that was rigorous and unsparing.” In fact, the report was purposefully incomplete and willfully misleading.   How could it be anything but when: a.  none of the one-the-ground witnesses were interviewed, including the #2 guy below Ambassador Chris Stevens, 1 after the Ambassador was killed; b.  Hillary Clinton was not interviewd-just a converstion; c.  None of the military or civilian authorities who ordered actual military assets in Tripoli, Italy, Spain and Germany were either identified or, apparently, even interviewed.  Victoria Toensing, attorney for Greg Hicks, blisters this “report” and the “two men of unimpeachable” who have lost these former erstwhile credentials.  Obama’s comments at this morning’s so-called Presser about this bubbling scandal and the latest, IRSgate, reflect his typical verbal bluster, avoidance of involvement and emotion.  4 dead Americans followed by blatant lying and obfuscation and, as of Friday, worsening all weekend, the IRS auditing, threatening and otherwise harrassing numerous individuals and 501c3 organizations, every one of which is Conservative.  This corrosive action, symtomatic of police states such as the feared East German Stasi is so far beyond the pale of acceptable.  This was not the action of a couple of low-level types and, even more than Benghazi, calls for a Special Prosecutor and the punishment has to go to the top and into the White House with criminal charges, convictions, maswsive fines and jail time.


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