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Obamacare; IRS; Economics

“King v. Burwell is about much more than tax subsidies –- it tells a a storyof how the legislative and rulemaking process can be undermined for political purposes by a president who acts unilaterally, in secrecy, and without accountability.”  This … Continue reading

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Taxes; Economy; Economic growth; Income disparity; Flat tax

“What seems certain is Democrats will run a class warfare campaign of raising tax rates on the rich. But envy isn’t an economic revival policy.”  Democrats will continue to try (and too often, succeed) to raise taxes to spend more.  … Continue reading

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EPA; Ozone; Economy; Cost-Benefit

The EPA is preparing to issue the most expensive regulation in the history of our nation: increasing the allowable amount of ozone in the low level atmosphere.  The EPA estimates its cost of compliance at $90 Billion annually, but the … Continue reading

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Poverty; Rule of law; Haiti

Why is Haiti so poor?  Name your metric and the likelihood is it’s not the reason.  Almost all black?  Not even close.  Exploited mercilessly?  No exports to speak of, meaning no trade.  Investors have lost their shirts?  No investment.  Getting … Continue reading

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Jobs; Economy; Immigration

The Obama Administration can try to put a smile on the latest Jobs Report, but it’s just another ‘If you like your health plan, you can keep it/LIE.’  Powerlineblog summarizes Peter Morici’s column very well and his bottom line is … Continue reading

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War; Missing airliner; Media

Russia has invaded and annexed part of a sovereign country, Ukraine.  Russia has told the protesting world to pound sand.  The Obama Regime’s Secretary of State, John Kerry has unilaterally (undoubtedly ordered by Obama) cancelled the Monroe Doctrine, the 1823 … Continue reading

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Rhetoric; Ukraine; World disorder; Obama

“Your mother wears combat boots,” was kids’ schoolyard rhetoric when I was one.  The rhetoric and threats of Western “leaders” to Putin and his annexation of parts of Ukraine is as bad or worse as the lead threat uttered by … Continue reading

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“Ukraine is what it is because Ukrainians are what they are. The former doesn’t change until the latter does.”  This quote refers to corruption, nepotism and other crimes against the people by those in power, be they elected, appointed or … Continue reading

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Democrats; Ukraine; Venezuela; Iran;Minimum Wage; Inequality;

Democrats, including President Obama and Secretary of State, Kerry, are “very concerned” about violence in Ukraine, Venezuela; Iran’s deception and race toward nuclear arms?  Nah, their concern is about their diversion from what really counts, such as no jobs, Ukraine, … Continue reading

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Davis-Bacon; Unions; The Economy

Mr. President, Suspend Davis-Bacon  The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 (D-B), is an outdated, anachronistic federal statute that mandates the payment of “prevailing wages” (read “union scale”) for all workers on federally funded construction projects.  D-B unnecessarily inflates construction costs, imposes … Continue reading

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