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Rule of Law; Sanctuary Cities; San Francisco; Kate’s Law

The reality today, building for the last 7 years, at least, is the “attitude created by Democrat-run cities that they can pick and choose those who reside in their cities as long as those new residents vote for them and … Continue reading

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Complaining about America out of love and fear of the future

My email distribution is totally inadequate for the sentiments of Charlie Cook, with which I agree so thoroughly, so I’m spreading it further. I gripe about the outlook of this president, which I find contemptible and myopic. I gripe, in … Continue reading

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Obamacare; IRS; Economics

“King v. Burwell is about much more than tax subsidies –- it tells a a storyof how the legislative and rulemaking process can be undermined for political purposes by a president who acts unilaterally, in secrecy, and without accountability.”  This … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton; Justice; emailgate

Defending the indefensible.  “Coined by an English judge nearly a century ago, the phrase was summarized by the late educator John Silber as the “domain” that exists between law and free choice.”With the Clintons, of course, their choice is always … Continue reading

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US Laws; IRS; Justice

Two US Senators have introduced a bill to license tax preparers.  It claims that enforcement will reduce fraud and increase competence.  It will do neither.  What it will do is increase the cost of tax services, first by putting many … Continue reading

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SCOTUS; King vs. Burwell; ACA; Obamacare; Democrats;

Today was first day of oral arguments in King vs. Burwell before the SCOTUS, a case to determine whether the language of the law, ‘subsidies available only to qualified insureds under state exchanges;’ or the imaginary application decreed by the … Continue reading

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Obama; Dictatorship; Illegal aliens

Long before the Federal judge issued his injunction declaring Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty to 4.5 million illegals last week, going back to 2009, Obama has issued 7.4 Million Work Permits to illegals.  Nothing short of indicting Obama and all participants of … Continue reading

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Ferguson; Anarchy; Obama

Are we on the threshold of anarchy?  Or the end of the United States, as we’ve known it, other than the early years of the Civil War?  Obama didn’t shoot Michael Brown or personally torch and of the City’s buildings.  … Continue reading

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Poverty; Rule of law; Haiti

Why is Haiti so poor?  Name your metric and the likelihood is it’s not the reason.  Almost all black?  Not even close.  Exploited mercilessly?  No exports to speak of, meaning no trade.  Investors have lost their shirts?  No investment.  Getting … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby; Nancy Pelosi; Dick Durban; Leadership

Megyn Kelly, of Fox News The Kelly File was apparently the only reporter who called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on her blatant misrepresentations of the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby.  That was Thursday. On tonight’s show, Megyn really rips … Continue reading

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