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Climate change; Government waste

Guess how much the US Government has spent on Climate Change inthe past year: $100 Million, 500 million, 1 Billion, 10 billion, other.  Before divulging the total, lets understand that not a single dollar spent on Climate Change in the … Continue reading

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Obama; Obamacare; Crimes against humanity

“In order to meet its target of 7 million enrollees by March 1, Obamacare needs to enroll approximately 46,358 Americans per day. So on its opening day it fell 46,352 short. Were it to maintain that enrollment rate, Obamacare would … Continue reading

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Obama; UN General Assembly;

Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly today exemplified and certainly personified his usual blather of soaring evasion of truth and reality but put his true feelings and foreign policy in front of representatives of the world’s countries, former allies, … Continue reading

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Democrats and disrespect; Benghazi

The list of Democrat lies and disrespect to families of the 4 murdered Americans at Benghazi is long and gets longer by the day.  It started with the blame for the attack on some unknown video allegedly posted on the … Continue reading

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IRS; Accountability

Is there any ‘hope’ for accountability, much less ‘change,’ in the IRS Scandal (Yes, it’s a very REAL scandal) and Democrats, as well as Republicans are pi**ed?  Claire McCaskill, D-MO, has “issued a video statement calling for a full house-cleaning of … Continue reading

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Race; Truth; Zimmerman trial, Part 3

The second juror from the Zimmerman trial has come forward with public comment, identified only by her code number.  She, like the first, favored a murder conviction until her fellow jurors had her read the law and examine the evidence.  … Continue reading

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Holder; Voter rights Discrimination; Texas

Holder, Atty General, co-Chief Black Nazi, comes down on voter discrimination in Texas.  Only in his mind.  Just happens to pick state creating more jobs than any other state, including for latinos and blacks, who probably outnumber whites.  Our justice … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Trial, Part 2; Dershowitz; Corey

In last night’s Post, Zimmerman Trial, I mentioned Alan Dershowitz, the eminent Defense lawyer and Harvard Professor.  He has been extremely critical of the State Prosecutor, Angela Corey, who brought the charge of Second Degree murder against George Zimmerman, which … Continue reading

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Zimmerman trial; Media

Having followed the blogging of the Trial in (and not the televised trial,) it seemed obvious that, a) the evidence presented by the State came nowhere near enough to convict on Second Degree Murder; and b) the curve thrown … Continue reading

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SCOTUS; Life tenure; Justice Ginsburg

The Founders decided that ‘life tenure’ was the best way to maximize avoidance of political pressure.  While 18th Century longevity was much shorter than today’s, elected and appointed senior positions often were filled with much younger persons (all men in … Continue reading

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