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Impeachment; Obama; Congressional irresponsibility

“Their [the House) inaction is not about votes. It’s about cowardice. The GOP is more concerned about its short-term political prospects than the long-term good of the Republic.”  The likelihood that the Senate that requires a 2/3 vote to convict … Continue reading

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Holder; Impeachment; Dinesh D’Souza

Impach Eric Holder Atty General, Reason 2783 (acknowledging that my count could be hundreds, if not thousands, short:) allowing or ordering draconian actions against the Conservative author, film director and commentator for trivial violations of campaign finance contributions. Tweet

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Lincoln; Remembering; “A house divided . .”

Today, we celebrate Lincoln’s birthday.  We must, however, celebrate not the birthday, per se, but for what Lincoln stood, what he said and what he did, all part of the bedrock on which our nation was initially conceived, but, which, … Continue reading

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Tinpot Dictator; Obama; Obamacare

Yesterday’s 27th unilateral revision the the ACA/Obamacare (I don’t know whether the two changes were both counted or both counted as one) may be the last straw, or banana, if Barackisimo el Husein Obamacito has officially become head of the … Continue reading

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Obamacare; Presidental lawlessness

How many times does the President have to violate his oath of office to uphold the laws of the United States, including his signature ACA/Obamacare law before he is impeached?  He has arbitrarily changed major provisions of that single law … Continue reading

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The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics)  “Unemployment” rate has dropped to 7.0%, the lowest in almost 5 years, but the real rate, adjusting for constant size of labor force has not budged from over 11%. Tweet

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Education; Liberals; Race

In the latest initiative of Liberals to keep minorities and, especially blacks (aka ‘keeping them on the plantation,) subservient to the Democrat party, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan’s “clumsy” statement about “suburban white moms” and Common Core was anything but … Continue reading

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Climate change; Government waste

Guess how much the US Government has spent on Climate Change inthe past year: $100 Million, 500 million, 1 Billion, 10 billion, other.  Before divulging the total, lets understand that not a single dollar spent on Climate Change in the … Continue reading

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Obama; Obamacare; Crimes against humanity

“In order to meet its target of 7 million enrollees by March 1, Obamacare needs to enroll approximately 46,358 Americans per day. So on its opening day it fell 46,352 short. Were it to maintain that enrollment rate, Obamacare would … Continue reading

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Obama; UN General Assembly;

Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly today exemplified and certainly personified his usual blather of soaring evasion of truth and reality but put his true feelings and foreign policy in front of representatives of the world’s countries, former allies, … Continue reading

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