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DiBlasio; NYC; Unions; Detroit

New York /City’s Mayor DiBlasio follows Detroit’s pre-Bankruptcy playbook to a T: puts up lavish, unsustainable  and absent “a smigeon” of reform contract to NYC Teachers, already among the 3 highest paid teachers in the country (acknowledging that cost of … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage; Venezuela

Obama’s Minimum Wage is Caracas style economics.  Our lowest and middle wage owners have seen real wages drop during the last decade and, given the unemployment jump caused by the recession and stagnation sustained by Obama’s stifling economic policies, we … Continue reading

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Diversity: FALSE; Mozilla; Eich; Naziism

One baby step away from Hitler’s Nazi Regime: Brendan Eich, who invented JavaScript and was a founder of Mozilla, was forced out as Mozilla’s CEO only days after getting the job, when a $1,000 donation he made to California’s anti-gay … Continue reading

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Liberals; Income Taxes; Drudge

Liberals’ arrogance is well noted among most of our population; less noted is their profound ignorance of basics of life, including the requirement of non-salaried people to prepay ‘estimated’ taxes, quarterly.  Drudge unleashed a blizzard (in meteorological terms, high volume … Continue reading

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA;

You veteran readers of thudbits know that Elizabeth “Faucahontas” Warren, who gamed a false claim of being 1/32nd Cherokee onto Ivy Law School faculties, Penn, then Harvard under the Affirmative Action scam was a favorite subject of mine back when … Continue reading

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Deportation lie; Immigration

The Obama Administration Lie du jour: Half of “Obama’s “deportations” aren’t; they are immigrants arrested or turned back at the border.  ““Under the Obama administration, more than half of those removals that were attributed to ICE are actually a result … Continue reading

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Nuclear Option; Debo Adegbbile;

US Senate rejects nomination of Debo Adegbbile for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and Clarice lays the timber on the President ‘s nomination: “It’s time such hate-inspiring propaganda ceased to be a career boost, and that was the Senate’s … Continue reading

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Obamacare; Obama.

At some point, more than a few days ago, the Obama Administration abandoned the Rule of Law and has emulated a Banana Republic ever since.  This terrific video from Banana Republic Stuff perfectly demonstrates the predominant characteristics.  Don’t miss it. A … Continue reading

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Debo Adegbile, Obama’s Nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and former advocate for cop killers, as well as Defense Attorney for a convicted cop killer in Philadelphia, was rejected in the Senate, today, 47-53.  One less thug to … Continue reading

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UAW; VW; Tennessee; Sen. Corker

Let’s be perfectly clear: the UAW is an enemy of the state, not just Tennessee, not just Chattanooga, but every city and state in the United States and, given the UAW tactics, every democratic country on the planet.  It is … Continue reading

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