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Repulican Party; GOP

The Republican party is disparagingly called the party of old white men, because, apparently there are few women, no minorities and all elected are old.  the fact that none of that is true never is considered an obstacle to a … Continue reading

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In the world of Climatistas, loyalty is everything.  No matter “If you can’t explain the ‘pause’, you can’t explain the cause…”  A 23-year loyalist/sycophant was just fired for questioning that the world was headed for catastrophe.  “But more important from … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2014

On this date, in 1776, our Constitution was signed in Philadelphia.  While a national holiday and, with good reason, it is under constant and, at times, vicious attack by the Left, many of whom  consider it an obsolete and irrelevant … Continue reading

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GOP; Republican Convention

Hugh Hewitt interviews Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, on the GOP Convention, its location deliberations and rules for the debates.  Very interesting and very encouraging for stimulating and productive debates. Tweet

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Barron’s nominee; Dems in suicide mode;

Obama’s nominee, David Barron, for ultra-leftist nominee for the First Circuit Court of Appeals, may have Dems kicking themselves in the balls, given likelihood that he’ll n0t be nominated now, or even with a future Democrat President. Tweet

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MSM’ NYTimes; Cronyism

when companies are failing, their leaders must be replaced, with earnings commensurate with success.  At the NYTimes, as with most other ‘old’ print media organizations,  the decline has been long-term and steady.  Big comp packages? Not earned and certainly, not entitled.  But, at … Continue reading

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DiBlasio; NYC; Unions; Detroit

New York /City’s Mayor DiBlasio follows Detroit’s pre-Bankruptcy playbook to a T: puts up lavish, unsustainable  and absent “a smigeon” of reform contract to NYC Teachers, already among the 3 highest paid teachers in the country (acknowledging that cost of … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage; Venezuela

Obama’s Minimum Wage is Caracas style economics.  Our lowest and middle wage owners have seen real wages drop during the last decade and, given the unemployment jump caused by the recession and stagnation sustained by Obama’s stifling economic policies, we … Continue reading

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Diversity: FALSE; Mozilla; Eich; Naziism

One baby step away from Hitler’s Nazi Regime: Brendan Eich, who invented JavaScript and was a founder of Mozilla, was forced out as Mozilla’s CEO only days after getting the job, when a $1,000 donation he made to California’s anti-gay … Continue reading

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Liberals; Income Taxes; Drudge

Liberals’ arrogance is well noted among most of our population; less noted is their profound ignorance of basics of life, including the requirement of non-salaried people to prepay ‘estimated’ taxes, quarterly.  Drudge unleashed a blizzard (in meteorological terms, high volume … Continue reading

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