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2014 Election; Senate race; Political pundits

5 days or so(depending when you read this) until the polls open for the 2014 ‘Midterm’ election, with the premier battle being for the US Senate.  Pundits speaking, without necessarily declaring so, for ‘both sides of the aisle,’ say control … Continue reading

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Obama; ISIS/L;

Obama’s biggest Lie.  NO, not, “You can keep your Plan.”  “ISIS is not Islamist!”  Sayeth, Roger Simon, and I think it’s indisputable. Tweet

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Obama; Words; ISIS/L;

‘Words have meaning.’  Except when Obama speaks them.  He has squandered his credibility.  The Washington Post this morning confirms that both his recent big decisions, deferring his unilateral (Executive Acts) immigration (amnesty for millions) until after the midterm elections; and … Continue reading

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Obama; ISIS war; Syria; Coalition

After months of Obama either poo-pooing ISIS as a Junior Varsity or ignoring the threat completely (I don’t have a Plan,) he delivers a speech (text here) to the nation in prime time on Wednesday.  It’s notable in a number … Continue reading

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Maylaysia MH17; Russia

Web evidence points to pro-Russia rebels in downing of Malaysian MH17.  Claim initially made was scrubbed and then denied by Rebels.  Russia denies everything, including the equipment that has come over the border in recent weeks, such as the mobile missile … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby; Nancy Pelosi; Dick Durban; Leadership

Megyn Kelly, of Fox News The Kelly File was apparently the only reporter who called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on her blatant misrepresentations of the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby.  That was Thursday. On tonight’s show, Megyn really rips … Continue reading

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Israel; Netanyahu; CPAC; Good vs. evil: Iran, Syria, al Qaeda, hezbollah

Netanyahu’s speech at CPAC is classic.  Don’t miss it.  He draws a line quite different from Obama’s. Tweet

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Obama; Ukraine

In lieu of presenting political cartoons, for which we’ve been unable to obtain permission to publish without paying fees way beyond afforeability, I’ll describe.  In yesterday’s Ramirez cartoon, titled, The Redline, Part II, Obama is painting a red line through … Continue reading

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The Poor; Race; Poverty

Race Activists oppose betterment of those they pretend to support.  Just another case of black “leaders” keeping the black folks down on the plantation voting forthose looking after them.  Disgusting. Tweet

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IRS: crime or what; Obama and other accomplices; Lois Lerner

Yesterday’s discovery of an email to Lois Lerner, among other senior IRS executives, proves that IRS conspiracy against Conservatives, began secretly as early as 2009.  Also, exposes Obama’s lie during Sunday’s O’Reilly interview that there was “not a smidgeon of … Continue reading

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