Fast and Furious and other canapes of the Weekend


Late Thu: 4TH Congressman demands Holder resignation, with blistering letterHUGE!!  Friday, 8 Congressmen demand.  Holder NOT threaten Obama’s re-election?  Holder is another millstone that Obama is trying to drag into a second term, not as big as his destruction of a bad economy, but destruction of our institution of justice.


 Liberal Indulgences. VDH analogizes them, today, with Medieval Liberalism.  Best essay on liberal hypocrisy that I’ve ever read.

Look for Ed DeMarco to disappear, ala Vince Foster’s alleged suicide in 1993 or other “mysterious” death: auto accident, heart attack, notwithstanding his youth and good health.  My suspicion based on two sessions of more than a dozen Democrats trying to strong-arm DeMarco to agree to Freddie and Fannie absorbing more losses (subsidized by us, taxpayers, of course,) an automatic result of Obama’s Executive decision to write down underwater mortgages, his latest “cure” for the housing woes.  If not self-evident from my ‘disappearance’ theory, DeMarco is stonewalling, as ‘further losses to F&F are not within his mandate’ and he refuses to be replaced.  Developing.  See Obama’s clueless Housing Solution from yesterday’s blog/Post.

The Dictator


Cain to debate Newt: What is Herman thinking?  Interesting column, but one can’t escape the question.  OTOH, as the column states, should Cain win the IA caucus, regardless of the debate, Bachman and Santorum probably drop out and Cain would pick up most, if not all of their support.

Michelle Obama, Attack Dog.   Not just a Rottweiler, but a rabid one.  Damaging another institution, First Ladyship.  She qualifies only technically, certainly not in behavior.

More Racism from MSNBC.  “Finney bills herself as an African-American. She should be deeply ashamed of herself. One wonders: if Karen Finney represents the Democratic Party–and she does–why on earth would any African-American ever vote for a Democrat?”


Reporting from St. Paul’s  “The various “Occupy” movements around the world are remarkably similar. More akin to a crime spree than a political movement, the occupied zones quickly degenerate into hell-holes.”  Support wanes?  What a surprise.  But our President hangs in there, as oblivious of reality as ever.

Peter Schiff at OWS.  18-minute interview with OWSers.  They agree on points, don’t admit that they are focused on wrong target.  Highly recommended.  Facial expressions seem to show significant acceptance of Peter’s explanations.

Snow on occupiers.

I’m just grieving so intensely, the poor dumb bastards.  This is zucchini park.

Even better in Occupy Denver.

Unfortunately, no pics included of Occupiers in cities which got more than 18” yesterday.


 Economists can’t be trusted on Tax Plans. Fascinating analysis.


The ‘Religion of Peace’ (NOT) and its malevolence toward all things not Islamic.  This is a perfect example: Muslims Miffed That Catholic University Has Catholic Imagery Miffed is an understatement.

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