February 4, 2013

GUNS: Trust: in Government and by Government;

Guns in America: a question of Trust   “The emotionally understandable but intellectually shallow desire to “do something” in the wake of calamities is not a recipe for developing intelligent public policy. New restrictions — for example on small metal boxes with springs, that is to say, magazines for semi-automatic firearms — is one such case. Such efforts make it clear, if restrictions on how many ounces of soda can be purchased in a single plastic cup have not, that government does not trust us.”  So, it is obvious that the reciprocal, trust in the Government will erode, without the blatant evidence of gun running and resulting murders at the Mexican border; screw-ups, deliberate or otherwise, without accountability (SecTreas not paying his taxes, Benghazigate, with SecState screaming “What difference does it make?”)  “More guns are being sold in America now than at any point in history, precisely because Americans are being told they cannot be trusted with guns. That alone should give pause.”

Why do we taxpayers have to pay for the President to go anywhere to make a campaign speech?  He gets more pathetic by the day.

JUSTICE: Too big to fail; Who made decision? Lanny Breuer; DOJ complicity

Who Decided U.S. Megabanks Are Too Big to Jail?  We’ll never know, although Breuer has given hints.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Benghazi; Failed country.

Benghazi, Libya, deteriorating into security nightmare  Headline should be in past tense.  All western governments have ordered their citizens to evacuate immediately.  The Libyan government is too weak to prevent the East and South portions of the country from total domination by rebel/al Qaeda forces.  What a terrific legacy of the Obama Regime’s foreign policy!

CLIMATE CHANGE: Carbon emissions; Down to 1994 level

US Carbon emisssions lowest since ’94  You won’t find this story in the MSM as it is contrary to their agenda.


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