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What ‘Gutsy call?’ CIA memo reveals Admiral controlled Bin Laden mission.  Yet, Obama, claims Romney would NOT have made decision.  He’s right: Romney has never been ‘the Admiral.’  What a putz!

The Seas are Great but the Navy is Small.  Former SecNavy says, “This is not the fault of the senior Navy leadership, which has to operate within the limits set by the White House. During the Reagan years, those of us in leadership positions served a commander in chief who understood, completely and instinctively, the relationship between American strength and the protection of peace and freedom in an unstable world. Current Pentagon leaders do not have that advantage.”  Lord help us if Republicans don’t rout this Regime out in November.


This Day In History Apr 27

1865: The worst steamship disaster in the history of the United States occurred when there was an explosion aboard the Sultana; more than 1,400 people were killed.

1956: Rocky Marciano retired as undefeated world heavyweight boxing champion.

1961: Sierra Leone gained independence from Great Britain


 THE LIST COULD BE LONER: Fifty ways the Obama Administration has hurt the economy and job creationWorst president for business in our lifetime?  Unquestionably, unless you’re a WWII Vet.  Being born during that war doesn’t count as you were at most a toddler.  An excellent list, worth reading all 50.  I’ll have to consider writing about one or two.  Maybe more.


 Obama releases $200 Million to an enemyYawn.  What else is new.


 Noonan: a Bush League President  one of her best:

It’s interesting that the Obama campaign isn’t using what incumbent presidents always sooner or later use, either straight out or subliminally. And that is “You know me. I’ve been president for almost four years, you don’t know that other guy. In a high-stakes world do you really want someone new?”

You know why they’re not using “You know me”? Because we know him, and it’s not a plus.

Virginia: Tim Kaine’s Advocacy for Obama will Haunt his Campaign.  First governor to endorse Obama back in ’08.

It wasn’t his accomplishments as an Illinois state senator, because he didn’t have any; it wasn’t his accomplishments in the United States Senate, because Obama was too busy campaigning for the presidency to waste his time trying to advance a legislative agenda; and it couldn’t have been his remarkable achievements outside of politics, since Obama’s experience is void of anything noteworthy. There was absolutely nothing in Obama’s record indicating that he had the makings of a good president, and his record as president bears that out.

Virginia is one of the ‘swing states.’  The other former governor running for the Senate seat to replace retiring Sen. Jim Webb is George Allen, a consummate business advocate, giving him a strong edge.


EPA Regional Mgr: “Crucify the oil companies.”  Regime lets it slip, in 2010 speech.


Liberals drive 3600 jobs into a fire hydrant: Apple ‘told’ to hire “disadvantaged in exchange for tax breaks.  All good things crash and burn as a result of the Liberal hand.

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