Fishwrapped April 20, 2012


Democrat internecine battles  Among others, whistle blower on Nuclear Regulatory Commission, loathed (my word) by Harry Reid, D-NV.

“This morning, Reuters reports, “President Barack Obama will renominate Republican Kristine Svinicki to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, defying opposition from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a White House official told Reuters on Thursday. Republicans want Svinicki, whose term as a commissioner expires in June, to stay on the panel and believe the process is being held up because she, along with three other commission members, accused the current NRC chairman, a Democrat, of bullying women.””  Read on, reader.

Democrat war on Romney’s Mormonism just latest example of hyprocisy: Harry Reid, long-standing Dem leader, is also an active member of same Mormon church, but he and it are NOT criticized.  “In other words, in this latest version of the left-wing attempt to distract from the central issue that is Obama’s record (Ann Romney never worked, the dog was on the roof, etc., etc.) there’s a fly in the ointment here: Harry Reid.”

Pelosi: no connection with reality, whatsoever – “Obama not campaigning: the President has been engaged.”  Right, in campaigning.  Doesn’t even qualify as a doofus.


‘Salesman of the Year’ for the Gun Industry  “A 61 percent boom in the nation’s gun industry since 2008” has led to this assertion.  As the One has done so much harm to the country, including his doubling down on class warfare and racism, I won’t speculate on a single cause.  The picture is clear, however.  He is the most divisive president, ever.


Vertical integration in business has declined so far, it’s almost disappeared.  Until Delta Airlines decides to buy an oil refinery.  Smart, to ‘guarantee a stable source’ of avgas?  Very dumb, as Virginia Postrel and the markets explain.

Speaking of bad dreams, that of Taxpayer Bailout Profit is Just that.  The Government’s latest report: “Overall, the government is now expected to at least break even on its financial stability programs and may realize a positive return.”

Unfortunately this conclusion rests heavily on wishful thinking and creative accounting, which becomes obvious when you dig into the report’s footnotes.


Climate alarmist calls for Burning down Skeptics’ homes  Who said the AGW fanatics weren’t crazy?  Even those not into violence are eco-terrorists, wanting to destroy the economy of every industrialized country.

Obama’s 2.5 Percent Stall  As if the country didn’t know it, the economy is in awful shape and recent numbers indicate a worsening.  The president claims we’re heading in the right direction, but that claim is like most of his: wrong.


The other day, I wondered about a new Category, I think, Chelsea Planet, or something like that.  I’m not about to get into TV reviews, but this new HBO series sounds like fun if one can survive carpet bombing with f-bombs.  It’s called, Veep, and it’s billed, in this review, as non political, which may be a first in recent memory.  “In the first two episodes, her biggest headache involves a green-jobs task force and her personal crusade is getting federal buildings to replace their plastic eating utensils with environmentally friendly cornstarch-based ones.”   Sounds pretty realistic.  Warning: if you’re not remotely interested, read the link/review anyway, for its laugh content.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’ll wait for it to come out on Netflix.  If I took a temporary subscription to HBO, I’d probably miss most episodes and regret not spending the money on a bottle of Tito or something.


Chavez’s Last Stand  “The die is cast, however. Hugo Chavez is playing out his final act — if not scene.”  The title of the next show is not yet known, much less up on the marquee.

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