Fishwrapped thudbits Feb 24-25


Work-arounds for the politics of Keystone.    A second Canadian firm, an Illinois oil source and a serious price disparity intermingle to offer up and interesting short-term market-based nose punch to Obama and his environmental ideologues.

Stop in at your local gas station and paste a sticky not on as many pumps as possible.

Invasion of the Algae.  Dr. K. sounds the alert, as President O had only sounded the salvation of the invasion.


 A Rebuke to our Rudderless President, “who has proclaimed himself helpless in the face of gasoline price which have doubled on his watch” (and it’ only February.)  “Sen. Jeff Sessions tried to buck up Obama with a letter containing suggestions how he might take up arms against a sea of rising gas prices, unemployment and poverty.”  Read the letter, which is a basic primer of common energy sense, every point of which is antithetical to his fatuous and destructive policies.


Obama’s Green-Car Plan Hits Alternative-Fuel Limits  another wet dream goes limp.

Why should the taxpayers (that’s us, by Jove) subsidize electric vehicles.  Scott Rasmussen published a survey in which only 29% of Americans supported subsidies.  Ramirez has a classic cartoon embedded:






Paste sticky notes on all gas pumps in your local station.


 It had such a great model that A123, a battery company, is following it: gets $390Mil in subsidies, lays of 125 and gives all executives huge raises.  Only in America under the Obama Administration.


Geithner says Rich need to pay higher taxes for ‘privilege’ of being an American.  I say impeach the snot-nosed arrogant tax cheat.


The Perversion of Rights: They’re now gifts that a benign king graciously showers upon his subjects.  Princelet Mark Steyn declares, ‘Not on these subjects.

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