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Is Daylight Saving Time costing us Billions in Electricity.  Detailed analysis of Indiana (one of 2 states which doesn’t practice DST) suggests waste.  Other “benefits” a wash, at best.  Junk DST!


Obama vs. Israel.  Israel loses? Obama puts re-election abouve national security.  Oh, he puts it above everything, as he doesn’t care about anything else.

No-Fly Déjà Vu The United States has a strategic interest in the future of a Syria without Bashar AssadNobody ever said any military operation is without risk, but the risks of no intervention are enormous.  Beyond the slaughter by Assad is the gorilla: Iran!!


 An actual newspaper reporting on Sheriff Arpaio’s fraud assertionsYes, I know, but this column makes an outstandingly relevant point: the absolute silence from both the White House and the MSM.


 Rasmussen’s surprise polling in Alabama!  Very interesting; could we see the end of the line Tuesday night?

Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Mitt Romney brings out significant points NOT made in any of the debates.  These are of particular interest to young people, the military and its veterans, ‘car guys’ and how to treat Russia.




Guess make and model in Comments.



 GM “invests” $400 Mil in junk bonds, in Peugeot.  “It’s no great surprise, therefore, that the leadership at GM would toss away money owed to taxpayers to buy a stake in another failing enterprise.”


Income inequality is increasing, but it is Not the result of our capitalist system: that is a myth.  “Regardless of one’s economic philosophy, the public deserves an accurate presentation of the reasons for the change in income distribution. The change is occurring in all the developed countries. The chart shows that policies that redistribute wealth and income have at most a modest effect on income shares. As President John F. Kennedy often said, the better way is “a rising tide that lifts all boats.””





Jobs.  Today’s report included some new jobs.  That and third straight month of that are the only good facts in an otherwise gloomy monthly report.  This column, including its graphs, is all you need to know about the reality of the situation, none of which you’ll learn from either the Administration or the MSM.  It’s healthy that the skepticism of the BLS’s reporting is slowly spreading.  “Of course, developments between now and next November could lead to a more positive job growth picture. At this point, however, it is hard for defenders of the Obama administration to argue with a straight face that its policies have helped to put Americans back to work.”


 Why it doesn’t matter any more (as if it ever did.)  It’s so simple, if quantified.  The column can explain faster than I.


Independent Payment Advisory Revolt.  “Public opposition to the Affordable Care Act has grown in surprising and unpredictable ways since the entitlement passed two years ago, but few would have predicted then that so many Democrats would repudiate so many of President Obama’s core promises.”  Many of us did, but that’s beside the point.  “It’s also among the reasons Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform is so much better than Mr. Obama’s. Beneficiaries would receive a “premium support” payment to buy insurance, and insurers and providers would compete for business on value for money. What “works” is what millions of consumers decide.”  That’s the reality, not Obama’s vision.

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