January 21, 2013


The Algeria Powder Keg  Demographics: 70% under 30; Rampant unemployment; police state; Mali’s jihadist central next door; suspicion of all foreigners.  Sum is powder keg.

Our Old Grand Fantasies About Radical Islam  Every word VDH writes is true, but BHO could care less about Radical Islam.  Notice no mention of it in today’s inaugural; only imaginary social crises requiring massive new bureaucratic departments of loyalists.

OBAMA AND NOTHING BUT: Totalitarianism from Liberalism

Liberals’ totalitarian temptation  Inevitable: what makes Obamaism so scary.

Long Day’s Journey (Into Night?)  His Second Inaugural Address, today, requires “administrative” expansion (enlarge the Government) while destroying the fabric of the country.  Even if you heard the speech, you might want to refresh yourself by reading it, before and after reading this link.  Positively terrifying in his rhetorically imagined surgery to our society.  Krauthammer explains as succinctly as possible.

POLITICS: GOP, Feckless Democrats, Michelle Bachman, R-MN

GOP Puts Spotlight on Feckless Senate Democrats  When Boehner gets the votes, pressure on Reid becomes vice tight to fish or cut bait.

Reconsidering Michele Bachmann  “With respect to the major issues of the last few years, she has been not just a bellwether, but a prophet.”


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