January 25, 2013

GUNS: Lanza’s AR-15; Feinstein

To clear up any lingering confusion about some basic facts of the Sandy Hook massacre, the Police report released Jan. 23rd should do it: 2 9mm handguns and the Bushmaster .223 Calibre were the weapons found in the school, used by Adam Lanza.  A shotgun was in the trunk of his mother’s car, which he drove to the school.

Feinstein and the 1978 murders of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk   “it’s no wonder, then, that Sen. Feinstein has long made gun control one of her chief issues. But as her proposed ban list (which will never be approved by a Senate filled with vulnerable Democrats) illustrates, nothing she’s advocating would have saved the lives of Mayor Moscone or Harvey Milk on that awful fall day 34 years ago, when all it took was a police six-shooter, some extra ammunition, and a poor, lost, and angry soul willing to break multiple laws in order to revenge himself on political foes.

Until legislators come up with a way to stop that, the rest of it is just grandstanding — however deeply felt the personal motives behind infringing the Second Amendment may be. Because in the Moscone-Milk case, it wasn’t the gun.  It was the shooter.”  That was my closing line in thudbits last night.

IMMIGRATION: Replacement of existing law; Case for new framework.

Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick: Solving the Immigration Puzzle  Good start.  If 250 applicants for every visa is not a line, what is a line?

FOREIGN AFFAIRS/ENERGY: Fracking worldwide

Fracking’s rise in U.S. inspires the world  Good news for all.

DEBT/DEFICIT: Doomsday; Beyond Greece

A nation of takers  The statistics in this column will stun you.  It’s hard to see recovery in this context and Obama’s second Term and his totally destructive policies are only a few days into his second 4 years.  A tiny sample: “The government’s disability-insurance programs were intended to address genuine need. On the current trajectory, the Social Security disability fund is projected to run out of money during Mr. Obama’s second term.”  I presume you know that claims soared during his first Term, almost doubling.

TAXES/ENERGY/CLIMATE CHANGE: Carbon tax; Natural gas exports; Barbara boxer: imbicile;

The Real Obama Climate Deal  To approve natural gas exports and other energy projects, the president may demand a carbon tax  Barbara Boxer’s “words were a signal that the Obama EPA is about to re-energize the regulatory machine that it put on ice during the election. Republicans who hoped Lisa Jackson’s resignation signaled a more humble EPA approach should instead prepare for an agency with a new and turbocharged mission.”  Time for wholesale Impeachment.


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