January 30, 2013

JOBS/ECONOMY: Obama’s economy; Jobs; Excuses

Obama’s Economy: The Excuses Begin  First, no matter what the situation is and no matter what the context, Obama ALWAYS blames others.  In reality, again regardless of the situation and context, Obama’s Regime has consistently demonstrated a business hostility in policy, positions and rhetoric.  The column lists 10 of these but admits it could easily run into dozens.  Voter remorse?  If not wholesale today, it won’t be long.  Very sad in so many ways.

IMMIGRATION/EDUCATION: Children, 5.5 million, illegals and citizens of illegals; Wholesale school choice; Fraud from the Gang of 8

Immigration Reform and School Choice  “The Senate and House Republicans should begin now to insist that any immigration reform bill include sweeping school choice reform for the children impacted by regularization.  These children and their parents have to be empowered –not in small “test” numbers but as a matter of right—to attend any public school in any city in which their parents live.”  Regular readers know that I favor universal school choice, but in dealing with the divisive issue of Immigration and Reform, the need to afford children the best possible avenue to success is both essential and a moral imperative.  Union supporting Democrats may scream, but in doing so they express their un-American prejudices.  This should be embraced in a bi-partisan count and not horse-traded for anything.  Hugh’s column here offers terrific elaboration.

The fraud at the heart of the Gang of 8 immigration proposal  The “Border Commission” is another of the scams of “deemed” to be something that it is not.  Perhaps, enabling the start of the process and issuance of work permits and green cards, as the case may be, with a real determination of border security, however that may be proven, as opposed to be deemed, is the way to go.

A Pointless Amnesty  Pointless without secure borders and current laws enforced.  Pointless if intended to harvest Latino votes.  Pointless?


War is like Rust that suddenly pops up on iron after a storm.  With the US policy of ‘leading from behind, what will induce us into another war?  Are we in another ‘isolation such as 1914 or 1939?  What kind of attack will it take?



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