January 31, 2013

JUSTICE: Recess appointments

Non-Recess Recess Appointments, Part 2  John Yoo weighs in:  The DC court of Appeals, “given an opening by the unprecedented White House power grab, issued a ruling that has profound ramifications for the office of the presidency. He and judge Karen Henderson rejected the very idea of “intra-session recess appointments.” Mr. Obama thus has jeopardized a vital executive power for all future presidents.”  Obama deserves the smackdown.  Look for the SCOTUS to uphold.  Read Yoo’s opinion for the issues, which are not partisan-based.

GUNS: gun-control advocates vs. Knowledge

Misfire: Joe Biden’s shotgun vs. rifle comments  The ‘loudest’ voices for gun control have the least knowledge, training and/or experience with guns.  They, therefore, deal with emotion rather than facts, logic or relevance to the issues of violence from criminals, mentally disturbed and other non-law abiding gun owners.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: China; North Korea

China Losing Patience with NoKo?  Losing, but not “lost.”  Voting with vs against US for UN sanctions is a rare start.  We know Japan has lost patience.

Democrats in the Senate voted unanimously today to give our best weapons, F-16s and M-1 Abrams tanks to the most populous country in the Arab world, the president of which thinks Jews are descended from apes and pigs.  Are they from another planet or are they for the bad guys?  Fanning the flames is the 12th Caliphate is putting it mildly.

NEW CABINET: Hagel; Iran

Senator to DefSec Nominee: Why Have the Iranians Endorsed You?  Hagel responded, “I have a difficult enough time with American politics, Senator. I have no idea, but thank you. And I’ll be glad to respond further for the record.”  I do not understand why Inhofe and the other senators on the Committee offer to the candidate “to respond further for the record.”  McCain, former ‘good pal’ of Hagel, asked him at least 6 times for a ‘yes or no’ answer to a direct question, didn’t get one and offered the reprieve.  The rules should be refusal to answer automatically counts as a ‘No,’ from the questioner.  I suppose that would just increase the number of softball questions, but maybe it would reduce Committee passage to a more realistic 8-4 from the too usual 11-1.  MORE: Iran Has ‘Elected, Legitimate’ Government.  “Iran is a member of the UN.”  MORE: Does “smart power” require a smart Secretary of Defense?  If confirmed, “the Pentagon will be under the control of less than mediocre thinker and a less than honest man.”  Hagel is not only a disgrace to be considered, but a disgrace to think that he served as a senator.  Thank you Mr. President and Senate Democrats for supporting this man who barely rises to the level of a dolt.  None of you have my respect.

IMMIGRATION: Rubio; Green Cards; Border Commission

Rubio: The only way to incentivize border enforcement is to hold up the green-card process  Nothing written yet, but Rubio asserts to Hannity, it is critical.

ENERGY: Ethanol; EPA; Food prices; Gasoline prices; Crony capitalism

Major lobbies going toe-to-toe in the ongoing ethanol-mandate battle  All objective parties on both sides agree that the only beneficiaries of the Ethanol Mandate (Boondoggle) are the crony capitalists and their political benefactors, legislators and lobbyists.  The rest of the world, from starving Mexicans to virtually every American pays more for all processed food, gasoline and everything else that is transported by vehicle.  One of the biggest scams in American history!!!

CLIMATE CHANGE: Japanese data; New suspicions

Without “adjustments,” Japanese temperature data show global cooling.  Hmmm.  Could “adjustments” have anything to do with propagating an agenda?

OBAMA AND NOTHING BUT: Beyond human nature; Arrogance

The Left’s Year One  “After seizing power, the architects of the French Revolution instituted a new calendar, declaring the beginning of their regime ”Year One,” thus symbolizing their total contempt for tradition.”  “The left under Obama is approaching that level of revolutionary arrogance.”  There’s a vulgarity to this with an apt saying, unfit for this blog.




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