July 8, 2012


Who Really Owns oil companies?  Authoritative study shows that American companies are owned less than 1% by officers and directors of the companies and the other 99+% is owned by ‘ordinary Americans,’ either directly or as beneficiaries of pension finds.  Therefore, Obama’s rants and everyone with eyes and ears know that they are frequent and vitriolic.  Another important fact emphasized in the study is, apparently, the “loopholes” that Obama blasts, are part of the basic tax code affecting ALL industrial corporations.  Let us also remember that the US has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world.  Raising taxes, would cause them to move to a lower tax location, costing many jobs; or, hurting millions of Americans’ income.  As usual, Obama is ignorant, misguided or displaying a hatred of profit.


The Price of Green Virtue  “One alarming conclusion is that “emissions reductions due to economic harm account for 26% of total reductions, more than any ARB mandated program” except cap and trade. This means that a major way Californians will reduce their greenhouse emissions is by slower growth, chasing industry out of the state, and putting more people out of work. If Californians produce less, their carbon footprint is smaller. The Sierra Club must be loving this weak recovery.”  The Price: very, very high.


Eric Holder’s Two Decades Of Concealing Murder  I did not know of this episode, but it makes me think that Holder had a role in the FBI not pursuing the Iraqi involvement in the OK City bombing, that Jayna Davis wrote about compellingly in The Third Terrorist.  Also, see this link for how wide the ‘cover-up’ was believed to be, all to get McVeigh executed to hide how botched the investigation had been.  Do not miss reading that piece and the chilling words of McVeigh’s first attorney to the second.  Then, of course, was the pardoning of the Palestinian terrorists who murdered Brooklyn Jews.  Then, see the next item on voter fraud.  You know where Holder stand on that one: the more the merrier!

Obama Campaign Gears Up For Massive Voter Fraud Perhaps you’ve heard about the voter fraud in the Charlie Rangel primary a week or so ago.  Rangel declared winner by a hair, but wait.

“Imagine if the tactics used in the Rangel/Espaillat race were used on a national scale. Where the entire Democratic National Committee (DNC), all the major unions, and all the “Progressive” groups were engaged in a massive voter fraud and voter intimidation campaign.
Well, we don’t have to imagine it as this is what occurred in 2008 with Obama supporters during the Democratic Primary, as countless poll workers, Hillary Clinton supporters, and simple bystanders extensively reported.”  And guess who ignored it: the MSM, which were already in the tank for Obama.  Got it?


The Obama Administration: Foolish and Feckless about Syria.  Again.  “Hillary Clinton is the latest member of the Obama administration to play the fool when it comes to dealing with Russia over Syria.”  Hillary, ‘the most popular of the Administration,’ which is saying practically nothing.

Israeli Ambassador to US interview: Iran, Syria, Egypt  Michael Oren, a very smart and knowledgeable man.


Review the Facts: The Brief Against Obama by Hugh Hewitt  Many of you readers are fluent with the facts, but, I’m sure, have friends and relatives who aren’t and may be influenced by them.  Liberals don’t like to muddle their reality with the facts, but we can try.  Here’s the amazon link.

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