Mar 21 2012


Issa Report Uncovers Fraud in DOE Loans  Solyndra NOT the Lone Ranger.  Solar One and Solana Obangoa knocked.  $$Billions.

Obama’s Keystone Visit (Cushing OK) a Potemkin Village Photo Op.  he loves taking credit for things which he has nothing to do with.





Wasn’t it just this week that Obama was blathering about US having only 2% of World’s oil?  This is NOT a new chart.  His lies have no historical basis; he’ll lie anytime, about anything, all the time.


Send Lizzie Borden to Washington.  “Any Republican governor of a blue state who manages to balance the budget without raising taxes should be a nominee for Mount Rushmore, to say nothing of president.”  A resounding opening line to an excellent column, which, among other points, emphasizes Romney’s conservatism and Santorum’s lack, thereof.

Top endorsement for Romney, so far, probably, for entire campaign: Jeb Bush.

Sheriff Joe’s latest.  ‘biggest censorship in US history.’


Bountygate.  Deserved, notwithstandingly harsh.


Ex-Im Bank/Boeing’s Bank  favors it, while punishing US international carriers.  Strange dichotomy given NLRB.

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