Mar 23, 2012


Second Anniversary, by Dr. K:

Cost: CBO has already doubled since passage, to almost $2Trillion and, believe it or not, it gets worse after 2021

  • Constitutionality “Ultimately, the question will hinge on whether the Commerce Clause has any limits.” See this excellent summarizing editorial.
  • Coerciveness – beyond scary, ala police state.


Silence of the Lapdogs  “I ask you: Have you read in your local paper about the technical evidence that led the posse’s three retired criminal investigators and two attorneys to conclude that the birth certificate image White House officials uploaded at the White House website on April 27, 2011, did not originate in a paper format, but rather was created (forged) as an electronic file on a computer?”

Marx Brox, 1935, depicting MSM

Diana West, first MSM columnist to cover story?  Will she be alive months from now?




Obama waste’s $millions of our money promoting his phony oil policy.  Impeachable?



People bussed in; nobody lives out here in desert.  Notice not a face is shown.  tanker car pained for Op, placed near wellhead.  What a phony!


Related: Energy tour a political disaster.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer ? guy who screams for replacement.


Gingrich hits homer on point I made last night on Trayvon Martin.  What is so special about one of many senseless murders (if in fact it was?) when there are dozens every day.  The President is so out of place, just as he was on the Cambridge arrest of the Harvard professor.  At the end of the day he is an empty suit racist who somehow conned his way to the Presidency.  If Thudbits ceases, you’ll know I’ve been taken away.


Romney on Ryan.  On same page.  Great news, although not surprising to me.

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