March 22, 2012


One less guy named Mo  ‘French’ terrorist killed in fusillade of bullets as he jumps out window w gun blazing.  MSM calls him “lone wolf.”  John wonders, “How many trips to Afghanistand and Pakistan does one have to take before he becomes part of a pack?”  Steyn explains “time honored tradition” that governs story in Lather, rinse and repeat.

The avoidance of the facts and reality of the jihadist movement is scary.  It is so reminiscent of the 30s and early 40s of the dodge of the jewish pogrom.  France is probably the worst, with the USA right behind.


Santorum disqualifies himself: ‘might as well have Obama over Romney.’  He might squeeze by in Lousiana on Tuesday, but he’s finished, as in, out!


Trayvon Martin Killing.  I haven’t followed this case at all but it doesn’t take following to know that no matter the level of tragedy or how outrageous the circumstances, nothing needs the race-baiting, hate-mongering of the presence of Al ‘not reverend’ Sharpton.  He is incapable of bringing anything positive to any situation and his followers are no better.

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