March 26m 2012


The Supreme Court and a Plan for Replacing Obamacare, Whatever the Court Decides 

 Nick Gillespie and Meredith Bragg of Reason magazine lay out “3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before it Begins”, that is before the bulk of its provisions go into effect.  Their list: 1) It represents the end of limited government; 2) Its price tag is already ballooning; 3) It won’t make us healthier.

The Court has jurisdiction over only the first of these points today.

Essential reading, including valuable supporting links, such as rational Replacement strategy!!!

 Pipes’ list includes: 1) allow high deductible plans and deregulate health savings accounts, 2) allow consumers to purchase insurance across state lines, 3) eliminate mandates and give individuals the same tax breaks companies get for buying health insurance, 4) transform Medicare and Medicaid into voucher programs and 5) make a serious federal investment in state pools to cover the uninsurable, the one group whose needs Obamacare somehow failed to address.

The other major issue O’Care failed to address (outside the vernacular of Democrats) is tort reform.  TX, the only state I’m aware that has legislated limits, thereof, to healthcare, has dramatically lowered the cost of health insurance.

narcissism as legal analysis.”  A half-hour seminar by former law school instructor (NOT professor!) Barack Obama.  “there is no controversy among people who have the same opinion. Tautology, baby!”   Reminiscent of that Manhattan cocktail party line, “Why, I don’t even know a single Conservative.”

OTOH, “to be sure, these people all have some degree of intellectual authority owing to their extensive experience studying or reporting on legal matters. That is why we go through the trouble of refuting their nitwitted arguments rather than simply declaring them nitwitted and being done with it.”  Far more than to be expected if liberals were writing.







The last amicus curiae and, TBD, the shortest.

OUTRAGE DU JOUR (LE EPOQUE DE USA) pls forgive my French, if not Parisian.

Obama’s forged Birth Certificate (“BC”) 

Annals of censorship“The most effective form of censorship is also the quietest. It operates not by actively proscribing speech but by rendering certain topics hors de combat, literally undiscussable. It does this by propagating an atmosphere of revulsion and taboo. Ordinary censorship prohibits the dissemination of particular opinions or bits of information. The more subtle engine of silence I have in mind goes further. It stanches not only the flow of speech but also the flow of thought. Ordinary censorship occupies itself with the results of human curiosity. What I am talking about attacks human curiosity itself.”

Arguably, this campaign/conspiracy, may be the worst perpetrated in the history of our country.  With powerful evidence of the fraudulent evidence of a manufactured document and “missing” immigration records of the week of Obama’s birth, the very legitimacy of our highest institution, free and proscribed elections, is under invasion.  Kimball becomes only the second acknowledged journalist, behind Diana West, to comment on this issue, as cited on this blog last Friday.  “Ms. West alluded to 1984. There is something Orwellian about the hear-see-and-speak no evil consensus that has been silently promulgated and enforced on this subject. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the whole spectacle is that we have, most of us, subconsciously internalized O’Brien: its not what is done to us that keeps us silent. It’s what we’re doing to ourselves.” [BOLD is mine.]

Related and part of the story: Forbes ‘Manchurian Candidate’ Article on Obama Disappears Down the Memory Hole  Equally terrifying.

Validation from investigators hired by….Pravda, but written by the GOP candidate, leading, for the US Senate in CA,  Fascinating account.

 Which of the Biggie MSM Cowards will be the first to try to escape the shame of silence?  Place your choice in Comments.


 Obama in 2013: ‘More Flexibility’  As if we needed another reason to elect the GOP nominee.  My reaction is somewhat stronger than Kristol’s, “Yikes.”  Not remotely surprising, however.  He’s willing to sell out US security for his election.  What a disgrace.

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