May 6, 2012


Gouged by the Wind: Renewable fuel mandates are raising electricity prices in the states.  The destruction of the economy and the budgets of our people by the Obama/Liberal policies.


 Warning: this sounds like conspiracy theory, but the basis is not only possible, but, perhaps, likely.  DHS Preparing for Massive Civil War resulting from economic collapse.

Obama’s Payroll Disaster: Notes about the Unemployment Rate – 100% bad news for Obama and the country as a result of Obama Policy.


France steps up to the guillotine: elects a socialist.  Remember all those who asked if it could get worse than George W Bush?  France is in much worse shape than we were when Obama was elected?

Israel’s Gathering Storm  Note the title’s echo of Churchill’s volume on the mid to late 30s Nazi Regime.  From a speech delivered by Michael Orn, Israel’s Ambassador to the US and, arguably, the leading historian on Israel and Middle Eastern history, 19th and 20th Century.  I’ve read both of his most authoritative books, Six Days of War and Power Truth and Fantasy.

Theater of War – Obama flitting off to Kabul on OBL’s death anniversary was “political theater in a theater of war.”  For what purpose, other his campaign?  At what cost, to be charged to us taxpayers?  Romney has to focus on what really counts: what’s in and what’s not in the “agreement” which Obama signed with Karzai?  Apparently, a lot that’s not in our interests on both counts.  Those points have to surface and be repeated.

Obama’s Foreign Policy, Pt II Good enough for government work.  Doing his best to ruin good relations with India, our sole ally (former) in South Asia.


 Elizabeth Warren continues to wade through deepening cow paddies.  Harvard takes the Fifth and won’t admit who their sole native American law professor is.  But the Harvard Crimson, in a “1998 editorial celebrating the law school’s award of tenure to — how to put it? — great legal scholar Lani Guinier, the Harvard Crimson noted: “Harvard Law School currently has only one tenured minority woman, Gottlieb Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren, who is Native American.”


Tom Maguire has some interesting comments.  I particularly like his fractional ownership theory supporting Harvard admitting to one NA but not naming him or her.


AF investigator says nobody would get even lowest level of Security Clearance without producing certified Birth Certificate, at minimum.


Dubious Donations, a Case Study.  “We think there is a scandal here hiding in plain sight for any reporter, columnist, or editor willing to take a look.”  The evidence is overwhelming!!!!  Scott is being way, way too charitable.


Taking a Scythe to the Bill of Rights  Liberals want to strip away most of the First Amendment/right to Free Speech.  It’s time to rename that Party to what it is, totalitarian.


VDH expounding on Fake but Accurate Identities, the economy, our survival, the Ministry of Truth and What it all means.  Don’t miss it, just as you can’t miss the subjects, as they won’t let you.

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