November 16, 2012


Obama seeks to build on Association Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) visiting Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.  Smart move.  Hope he’s successful.


Hostess Lays off 18,000 striking employeesLiquidation!

However many people who eat those calorie IEDs will forever hate unions.  Yesterday, some [fat] union leader or Liberal politician (interchangeble IMHO) said Republicans hate workers.  Right!




China Eying Airbase in Azores, which we are likely abandoning.  Obama concerned?  Fat chance.  DOD could and probably should move AFCOM HQ from Germany there, much closer to Africa.  But then the brass would be further from the hotspots (clubs) of Europe.  Not that much.  Climate is certainly more hospitable. UPDATE: I just watched an interview with Gordon Chang, author of linked column.  His first point was about the new Chinese leadership, the inner circle of 7 men, 4-6 of them being “hardliners,” which he defined as very conservative and nationalistic, unfriendly to any overtures with outsiders on any issue other than trade; NOT interested in the integration of China into the international system.  He then spoke about the danger if the US abandoned the airbase on Terceira, Azores, the link above.  This, of course, relates directly to the sequestration issue.


Obama Said to Reject Request to Ease Corn-Based Ethanol Law  Idiots or intent to raise US fuel prices and world-wide food prices.  Dumb, dumber and dumbest.


Jill Kelly calls a buddy who is an FBI Agent because she has received ‘harrassing email.’  He gets an investigation launched, which brings down Petraeus, Broadwell and who knows who else.  Peggy Noonan puts the so obvious question into front and center: “Just about everyone, certainly every woman, in the public eye in America receives aggressive, insulting, menacing emails. We didn’t know we could get FBI investigations opened for that! Maybe our mistake is not being honorary consuls with inviolability.”  Oh, and, BTW, she dined at the White House 3 times over the last 3 months.  WTF is all that about?  Interviewing to become Ambassador to China?  I don’t think so.

Holder Comes Up Short, Again  His excuse for NOT telling Obama about the investigation of Petraeus doesn’t reach the threshold of pathetic. “If Holder really did not inform Obama of the DOJ investigation into the Petraeus-Broadwell-Kelley matter, then he clearly failed to do his duty.”  If he did, which I doubt we’ll ever know, then it would be Obama keeping the lid on until after the election, which would not be surprising.

Petraeus Testimony.  CIA Talking Points changed, omitting al qaeda.  All testimony denies knowledge of who wiped out that mention, although the excuse was “for security purposes.”  BS!  AQ is typically used to include all the known and unknown branches, including ansar al sharia, the Libyan label.  The “editing” of the talking points, not surprisingly, is by multiple agencies, including the White House.  Which, I ask, would be most invested in omitting either the word terrorism and/or al qaeda?  If this is not the absolute proof of an attempted cover-up, nothing is.  Peter King, R-NY, present at today’s closed door briefing and that on Sep 14, does not recall Petraeus’ testimony the way he summarized it.  That part of the story may fade.  Democrats are still defending the Regime.  Given the circumstantial evidence, that’s like Robin Hood trying to defend, single handed, against the Mongol Hoard.


3 More States Opt out of Seting up State-Run Insurance Exchanges  OH, IN and Probably WIjoin TX, FL, AK, and probably Michigan as they discover the quick sand for their residents.  Probably to be joined by states with Dem governors, as well.  In a nutshell, here’s a/the primary reason for a state NOT to establish its own Exchange: ” If the State elects to establish its own Exchange, the Federal Government will make “advance payments” of premium tax credits to insurance companies on behalf of some of the State’s residents to subsidize health insurance enrollment through the State-created Exchange, but the payment of the subsidy for even one employee triggers costly obligations on the part of the employer that would not be triggered in a non-electing State, placing the electing State at a competitive disadvantage for jobs and job growth.”


Testimony of “rampant” fraud in VA by Poll Watcher.  This was NOT an inner city.precinct.  Same name as prior voter; could not understand “Please state name and address;” age on photo ID totally different than appearance of “voter.”  Guess for whom all the fraudulent votes were for (judging by statistics.)

OUTRAGE DU JOUR – WARNING: There are so many outrages emanating from the Regime, that the Category is on overload.

Regime officials using fake email accounts for intra-regime correspondence, to avoid oversight.  House Committee investigating.  Definitely impeachable.

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