Ryan schools Obama on AmericaSaving the American Idea, alas, is the last thing on our president’s closed mind.  At a speech at the Heritage Foundation last week, “He began, “The mission of the Heritage Foundation is to promote the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. These are the principles that define the American idea. And this mission has never been timelier, because these principles are very much under threat from policies here in Washington.”  Nuff said!

Kyle-Anne Shiver, a southern lass, pens a letter to the President about jobs.  A Classic!

“It’s no wonder, Barry honey, you’ve had such difficulty creating an economic policy that spurs job creation.

You, apparently, don’t even know the meaning of the word “job.”  If you did, then you would be doing yours.

Until we talk again, I remain your dissatisfied constituent.


Quoting Pelosi is a loser for a Republican.  “Balanced,” is the word Mike Simpson, “R”-ID (NOT my Rep) used in supporting increased revenue for the super Committee.  Even his hedging on trying to avoid “tax” is a mistake.  Democrats operate under the philosophy of “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.”  Talk about stepping in it.  As a matter of fact, quoting her is tantamount to admitting a brain deficiency.


Oakland earns top billing on my Caption: it had to come to this if anarchists are involved.  Port of Oakland closed; banks and stores trashed.  The face beneath the mask of the so-called “civil” Democrat Party.

ACORN Officials Scramble, Firing Workers and Shredding Documents, After Exposed as Players Behind Occupy Wall Street Protests  Another shocking surprise.

The Tide Turns  “significant parts of Community Board 1 (CB1) and the New York State legislature seem finally to have realized that they have been had.”  So, too, whatever “innocent” Democrats who supported the OWSers.  Not for a moment do I think the President is among the innocents.  Afterall, he is the public face of ACORN (see above.)


Breadline at undergrad Alma Mater, Wesleyan U, Middletown, CT.  whole campus without power Oct 30: Students line up behind college row, awaiting a meal in Usdan University Center. Bon Appétit dining service provided a continental breakfast and sandwiches for students during the power outage.


UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears While Obama wrings his hands over Israeli leak, more realistic allies prepare.  Deployment of cruise missile equipped naval assets.


Food Stamp Nation.  Food stamp expenses doubled since 2008!!!  “Thus, the food stamp explosion is mostly due to a combination of incompetence and deliberate laxity in administering the program.”  Read Jeff Sessions’ explanation.

Maddow about the Damned Dam   “You can’t be the guy that built this,” she tells the TV screen. Only government can, is the implication.”  Wrong, Rachel, as you so often are.  Big projects are best built by big business, not Washington.  Great history by one of the great historians, Arthur Herman, author of, among others,  How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe’s Poorest Nation Created Our World & Everything in ItGandhi & Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our AgeTo Rule the Waves: How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World I’ve only read the last, one of the best history books I’ve ever read.

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