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The Economist surrenders to the Warmists.  “THE ECONOMIST has long accepted the scientific consensus that the world is warmingand that this warming is being caused by carbon-dioxide emissions from human activity.”   Oh, really?  It just lost all credibility on the subject.  Fly by zeppelins?  Cool!  Realistic?  Read the comments and you’ll find that mine is not the only disbeliever of their erroneous assertion of the first sentence.


It’s Morning After America this Monday.

It doesn’t take a philosopher to understand you cannot “compromise” with people you haven’t negotiated with, and the president, of course, hadn’t consulted, much less bargained, with the bishops.

Even more to the point, the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t “compromise” on its core teachings, and the Constitution protects the church and all other churches in this “first freedom.”


The White House lies on the law, by a guy who absolutely, unequivocally, knows better.  How can anyone with a brain, who values integrity, believe anything coming from this felonious enclave?







Liar, liar, pants on fire.


GOP can add 10 Million jobs and $15 Trillion to the Economy without spending a dime.  Meanwhile, Obama peddles faux jobs at $1million per, while borrowing more than a Trillion a year.  Contrast?

The Obama Budget – Some Day My Cuts Will Come.  “As the White Queen said to Alice, “Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday-but never jam today.  “Cuts tomorrow and cuts in the out-years-but never cuts today.”  The whole Administration is Alice in Wonderland.

Let’s Return to the Gold Standard.  “…[The] subsequent Depression wasn’t caused by the Crash—the market actually was recovering nicely in 1930. Rather, it was caused by the muddle-headed federal policies that followed the Crash. Herbert Hoover raised taxes and tariffs, bless his heart. FDR, after winning election in 1932 with some reasonable ideas, declared war on private business. Private investment plummeted.”  Sound familiar?  Other than the foreign portion of the last phrase, only seeking “safety” as Europe crashes.

“Ron Paul and Lewis Lehrman have been right all along, never more so than in this age of massive debt.”


Europe in the Rearview Mirror    VDH ruminates: “After all, two daily commutes, siestas, tax cheating as a national religion, and 9 PM dinners do not otherwise add up to a life of sophisticated brain surgery, Mercedes buses, and Bosch dishwashers. Did the CEOs of Audi and Siemens think that they did? Read the Greek newspapers and Merkel appears as a cartoonish Hitler; read the German and Greeks seem beach-going untermenschen.”  “The Greek and German papers now engage in a level of stereotyping, caricature, and national hatred not seen since the 1930s.”  “In other words, we have ancient and legitimate interests, loyalties, and affinities with Europe that reflect our religion, language, literature, economics, politics, sociology, and culture.”

“A small suggestion: given that we have let in 11 million illegal aliens without legality, capital, education, or English, why not announce that we will fast-track into citizenship 100,000 Europeans a year who speak English, have a BA degree, and can come with $50,000 in capital? Set the immigration at exactly the same number we do for legal immigrants from Mexico — and then listen and watch what happens!”

Very readworthy and provocative.

Moodys downgrades 9 European countries to Negative.  Somehow, it missed the US.  Next month.


So Much News, So little Time.  Best summary of the week you’ll find.


  • Obama-Holder DoJ Embarrassed Again
  • The Utter Abomination of the Ninth Circuit’s Homosexual “Marriage” Decision
  • The Indianapolis Colts would be crazy to let Peyton Manning go. 
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