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US State Department Staff at Baghdad Embassy is Embarrassing Itself.  Imagine, going without Splenda (an unknown stuff until I looked it up!)  Huge cutbacks in staff planned in largest embassy in world.  Apparently, no cooperation by or encouragement by Maliki regime.  Another flaming disaster from the Obama foreign policy team.

It’s Time to Arm the Syrian Opposition.  More pros than cons, especially if done through third parties, such as the Turks or Saudies.

Some counterpoints to arming the Opposition.  In other words, some of the cons.

Note, for what it’s worth, both link authors are academics.  I have followed Drezner, author of Time to Arm for some years.


 And the House of Cards starts to Come Down.  Correction: it’s been coming down since Climategate I, II and since.  “. . around Washington the whole climate change angle is slowly being dropped from conversation about everything.”  Obama either hasn’t gotten the memo or he says the same thing to it as to us, as in ‘we the people,’ “screw you.”   I’d say it’s plummeting like the proverbial stone.  Obama being the whole of the holdouters (as in Custer’s Last Stand) could be a rare advantage for the Republicans, as they’ve had such a difficult time getting traction by virtue of their incredibly weak campaigns.  Here’s some detail of the history.  More of ‘they knew it,’ so it’s been a conspiracy to defraud and loot from the beginning.  With much going into the pockets of some of the conspirators-way, way past Algore, as in count many Liberals.  Remember, this was ultimately about power/control/money, the three interchangable goals of the Left.  A takeaway: can’t take your whiskey neat – it must be on the rocks (as in glaciers/where the Costa Concordia ended up.)


The Finale?  The Mob confronts its Stalingrad (from the Nazi perspective,) where I expect it will meet, to use another war analogy, its Waterloo, at the CPAC convention.  The organizers and the DC police are ready, but, remember, the Mob is run and staffed by thugs, willing to do almost anything.  Reports include forged credentials to gain admitance to meetings, reservations in the Convention Hotel.  Unions, including SEIU, National Nurses United and AFL-CIO are participants with manpower and big funding.

One of their biggest targets and animus is the keynote speaker, Gov. Scott Walker, R-WI (there are many, including all the GOP candidates, except Ron Paul, who is rounding up caucus voters,) who, of course, is being recalled by petition for the November election.  Don’t be surprised by bloodshed and all sorts of felonies.  If it comes off as expected, the Mobs will shed any remaining vestige of faux respectibility and visible support by Democrats, but their stain will not be forgotten come the week after Halloween, when all respectible masks are gone for another year.  And, if this all unfolds as I expect, Gov. Walker should be a major beneficiary, who has already proven to anyone with a modicum of intelligence or reason, that it was the unions, which were responsible for the unsustainable financial dilemma of Wisconsin, which the Governor has corrected in less than a year.


The Birth Control Mandate.  As of 5:54 PM, EDT, the WH and Dems continue to self-destruct under this Rule, which, this article from The Hill, totally misses the point that this is not a birth-contol or “women’s rights” issue, but a gross violation of the First Amendment.  IMHO it is too late for any back-pedal or “comprimise” to undue the damage that this latest disregard for the Constitution has proven.  Definitely, still developing.  By the hour.  Stand by!

Related.  In this column, the author points to faults in data collection and its application to the intrusive law.  Sebelius guilty on all counts, starting with ideology.


Pew Research releases new study on political party “shifting tuetonic plates,” to coin Dick Morris.  He claims much, much more important than personal popularity of candidates, either Obama or any of the remaining GOPers.


The Obama Ballot challenges: A Crisis of Confidence.  “Trust is for gods; skepticism and verification is for politicians.”  Overwhelming  statistics against accepting his eligibility.


Audacity of Dishonesty Hijacks Truth in Lending.  Today, “the President blamed everybody for record foreclosures except the party most culpable: government.”  Yes, there were co-conspirators, but the government and its key players loom over all the rest.  How many mortgagors (borrowers) were “forced” to apply for loans they couldn’t afford?  Can anyone name a single one?  Let’s not forget the monster GSEs (Govt sponsored enterprises) Fannie and Freddie, private in the sense they had stockholders; government in every meaningful sense: had no risk and no accountability.  Banks?  They were forced at virtual gunpoint, by gunslingers such as Barney Frank to loan to anyone with a temperature approaching 98.  “No docs,” meaning, no job, no problem; no down payment, no problem; credit score lower than your IQ, no problem.  Back to the banks: they were told that friendly Fannie and Freddie would buy all (as in all) of the worthless mortgages as they had “investors” waiting in line to buy them, as, somehow, the rating agencies were rating the bundles as top grade AAA+.  But Obama only blames the “irresponsible” and “reckless” lenders and Wall Street bankers who bundled them and sold them.

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