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Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigative committee has presented a strong case of forgery, on both Obama’s Live Birth Certificate and his Selective Service Registration.  Watching the embedded videos deal with complex nuances but are clearly explained.  Apparently, defense of the presented documents fail every single test performed by the Investigating Committee.  No suspects have been named, but the Hospital and state authorities are collectively under the magnifying glass, although if the forgeries were performed on official documents, after the fact, say in the 2007-08 timeframe, the authorities may have no responsibility, other than claiming legitimacy of what the White House presented.  Obviously, still developing, and there are other documents with no answers, yet, such as why his SS card was issued in CT, when he never lived there.


Democrat position of contraception-cheaper than abortions or babies- is Russian Roulette, with 5 chambers loaded.  Just look at demographics of Europe, Japan and China.  Ah, but more dependents on the government mean more Democrat voters.

The New York Times: the Pillar of vision and truth, yesterday and today. (turn off nausea)  How is it possible to believe such tripe?


Obama Rewrites his Record on Israel  As usual, he counts on his useful idiots to nod approvingly, as nobody who’s been paying attention the last 3 years could miss his consistent bashing of Israel at every opportunity.  So, readers, what’s the credibility rating for his, “I’m not bluffing,” with respect to hitting Iran, militarily, “covering Israel’s back?”  vote in the Comments section.

Related: new film blasts Obama’s record against Israel.  Trailer link available.

Related: Who’s the Enemy?

Is the administration really trying to restrain Israel, thereby manifesting a lack of concern for our ally’s survival? Or is its oft-stated fear of an Israeli strike part of a coordinated effort to convince the mullahs of the reality of the Israeli threat?

Such uncertainty, of course, is not the province of the editorial cartoonist. Michael Ramireztakes Obama at his word:







tty Holder demonstrates a new dimension of his ideological and racial bias, befitting a full-fledged, card-carrying ignoramus, unfit for public office.

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