thudbits March 20, 2012


ObamaCare’s Flawed Economic Foundations.  Termites, galore.  Hearings before Supremes next week.


The Joseph Goebbels Institute has taken over our public School textbook publishing industry, with gross revisionism prevailing.  The list is too long to include, but egregious, throughout.  This is positively disgusting.  What to do about it?  Please offer your suggestions in Comments.


Charging Obama & GOP…$5.3Trillion in spending reductions over 10 years.  ”Ryan proposes just two marginal rates, 10% and 25%. It also lowers the top corporate income tax rate to 25%.”  Growth and opportunity are the essence.  Here’s the whole thing.  Meanwhile, Obama ‘proposes’ a 6/100th % solution.  Good summary here.  Dems just can’t get serious, either in offense (no, as in NO, budgets in 3+ years) against looming fiscal disaster or anything else-energy, national defense-you name it.





Romney Derangement Syndrome,  “Psychotherapists often talk about the difference between “wanting to be right” and “getting what we want.””  Whether it’s ‘he’ll repeal Obamacare,’ notwithstanding his Romneycare; or, not being Conservative enough, whatever that means (Gingrich almost personifies Big Government and Santorum has many votes on the liberal side of issues.  Paul doesn’t count.


Obama doubles down on Dim Renewable Energy Plan.  Costly, inefficient and lowers GDP.  Where is the benefit?  There is none, other than for the crony capitalists; not for the rest of us.

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