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The Armada of Attack Pieces Headed Newt’s Way.  I like the headline and graphic  (clk to enlarge) in the column as much as I dislike the vitriol that is the sole Democrat strategy.  Please note, I am NOT expressing a favorite either explicitly or implicitly at this time.  Be sure to read the last graph of Hugh’s column to understand the ‘degree of difficulty’ of the challenge.  Using the diving or gymnastics scale, I rate Newt’s challenge as a solid 9+.

Two Polls show what is driving GOP Presidential Race.  Good analysis.  In Clark’s view, 2 leading in polls, pass; others not.  I agree.


Obama Admin Seals Records of Murdered Border Patrol Agent  Holder has “nothing to hide,” right?  Impeach on ‘Obstruction of Justice’ charge; criminal charges to follow.

Related: Holder vs. the Daily Caller.  The end is very near, whether Holder or Obama move fast or slow.  I can’t come too soon and Obama will pay dearly, under the ‘cover-up is always more painful than the error/sin.’  This quote from the link is the essence: “The Obama administration gives the impression that it increasingly regards democracy as an inconvenience.”  No kidding,* Maynard

*        Original word is s**t.


What is the difference between “protesters” and “anarchists?”  First, Anarchists, under which whatever flag they otherwise fly, have no respect for any law.  Permits, private property, human rights, you name it, it or all of it, will be stomped, without remorse, much less respect.

Protesters, OTOH, are opposed to some law, behavior, group or official, but they, generally, abide by laws and generally accepted civil activity (GACA,) in the exercise of their protest.

Do the two groups overlap?  IMHO, each is mutually exclusive.  A Protester crossing the line as stated, surrenders his status as such and becomes an Anarchist, by definition.  Can there be degrees?  I suppose, but if a society is to operate under the rule of law, not much.


Govern?  “Democracy is beneath him.”  “On Monday, the GOP heavyweight called Obama “a bystander in the Oval Office” for ducking the congressional committee charged with finding $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions over 10 years.”  Here’s the link of Gov. Christie pounding on Obama.

Obama indifferent to inconvenience of the people: plans fundraiser on night of lighting the Rock Center Christmas Tree.  Bumbling blivet.


How Statistics Fail Us: Tim Tebow, Silicon Valley, Inflation, and Black Friday “A skeptic of statistics, Mark Twain was prescient. He observed that the average human being has one t*t and one testicle.”  Excellent examples of how it fails.  I’m particular enamored of the political pundits who cite polling statistics to support their case/agenda.  On Fox News, Juan Williams is the worst, although he’s one of my favorable Liberals (excluding Kirsten Powers, of course.)  on the same channel, Karl Rove may be the most insightful, short of Scott Rasmussen, whose track record is The Best (even better than Rove’s.


Roger Simon Strikes Out.  Slams Sowell, unfairly.  > 100 comments, many pointing out flaws of Gingrich and Simon, his target.

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