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Our Marxist Wizard of Oz.  “This Luddite analysis fundamentally misconceives the role of technology in a modern economy. Such advancing technology increases worker productivity, and, therefore, wages and standard of living. Technological progress over the decades is why the average American worker in 2000 enjoyed 7 times the standard of living of the average American worker in 1900.”  His speeches get more pathetic with each one.  Blaming ATMs, telephone operators for our labor problems?  Truly lost whatever he might have had, what little it was I missed.


 Government should make Driving While Dialing the new DWI.  Car and Driver ran a road test on texting while driving a year or so ago.  The results were truly frightening.  With expert drivers, trying their best to pay attention to driving, but texting, had scary results in reaction times at all speeds.  At varying levels of impairment, from anxiety, fatigue and a beer, absolutely terrifying; car lengths more stopping distance with the slightest distraction OTHER than the texting.  I no longer will take, much less make a call while moving.

The news today said that reaction was overwhelmingly against such legislation as it would be a “severe inconvenience.”  Probably almost more than an accident.  Remember, I’m an anti-law guy, but not an anti-common sense guy.


Democrats pull A Full Nelson on Voting Rights, attempting to legitimize voter fraud.  This initative is led by the White House’s order to Holder and Party leaders, make no mistake.  Illinois is “a state with a colorful history of voting practices,” to put it mildly, almost certifiably, having stolen the election for JFK in 1960.  Remember, Obama worked for ACORN in Chicago, home to Saul Alinsky and the Chicago machine is infamous for landslides influenced by the residents of graveyards.

Ditto, from NYPost.  Good detail.

Ignoranus du jour: Barbara Boxer, every day.


 John checks in on Jet-fuelgate.  Don’t miss the gr8 John Paul Jones quote and his update, or the fabulous (aren’t they all?) Ramirez cartoon.


 The Economist is not optimistic about 2012, blaming politicians.  For a liberal publication, let’s give it credit for candor, rather than liberal spin.


 The AFL-CIO’S “Voting Rights” Fantasy Land  “The AFL-CIO is a political organization. It represents its members–many of them involuntary–only if they are liberal Democrats. Once again, one wonders: why do unions enjoy privileged treatment under the antitrust laws? Why aren’t they subject to the same legal principles as employers and individual Americans? Repealing Section 6 of the Clayton Act, which confers privileged antitrust status on labor unions, is a simple reform that would eliminate an enormous amount of corruption and advance the cause of fairness.”  What an abomination.


US Army

Members of the U.S. Army Parachute Team, Sgt. 1st Class John Berentis, from Yuma, Ariz. and Staff Sgt. Laura Dickmeyer, from Abilene, Texas, assess the wind conditions prior to their pre-game jump into FedEx field for the Army vs. Navy college football game.

US to leave Iraqi airspace clear for strategic attack, by Israel on Iran and vice versa.  Which goes through the open window?

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