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Tax hike/tax cut.  First of all, it’s not a tax cut, whether 60 days or 1 year; it’s a tax holiday.  Secondly, it’s not $1,000 tax cut/holiday if it’s for 60 days; that’s the average annual increase if the House bill were to pass.  The Senate version saves the average middle-class taxpayer about $165.  Both Democrat and MSM (wholly owned subsidiary of Dems) have it wrong, almost certainly intentionally.

The folly and absurdity of a 2-month tax holiday and the almost as bad one-year version.  Awful policy and nearly criminal politics.

The WSJ editorial excoriates the GOP for screwing up the msg and letting Dems trap them.  No argument here.  Principle always loses if it’s a GOP one.  I do not agree with the pundits who assert that the GOP probably loses the House and Senate over this.  Senate Dems are functionally effete, or so ideologically constrained to warrant every one who’s up for election to lose.

Update: GOP House relents to 2 months (still not signed, sealed and delivered) with ‘pledge’ from Dingy Harry Reid to convene a commission in January to negotiate a “long-term” one-year deal.  As Congress doesn’t return from “vacation” until January 23, it then comes down to the wire, again.  And again.

What Price Volt?  Hohman’s study pegs Govt subsidies at $250K/car.  “GM’s response lends credibility to Hohman’s comment recalling the automobile formerly produced in Communist East Germany: “This might be the most government-supported car since the Trabant.”  For those of you not familiar with the Trabant, it, to this day, vies as the worst car built, at least since WWII, if not forever.  For an East German, however, unless one was a muckity muck, it was all that was available.  I can’t remember if the classic joke about communist goods and services delivery applied to the Trabant, or not.  Consumer: “What day will my car be delivered?”  Salesman/apparatchik: “What difference does it make?  It’s 8 years from now.”  Consumer:  “Because the plumber is coming on Tuesday, 8 years from now.”

The EPA’s Mercury Madness.  This subject belongs under INSANITY, but I won’t set a Category for that, given the volume of Liberal ‘news’ that would appropriately fit that Category.  Meanwhile, EPA continues to run amok, seeking a new meaningless restriction that will cost at least (AT LEAST) $10 Billion, with marginal, if any benefit to any living being larger than a hamster.  Lisa Jackson should be indicted for Grand Theft, Larceny.  Or, institutionalized for insanity.

Obama: claims 4th Best President, ever.  Hands down, most narcissistic President ever.

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 Karl Rove summarizes the upcoming election, w focus only on Obama.  “America is not a nation of amnesiacs: Republicans can use the president’s own words and actions to constantly remind swing voters (who still like him personally) of his disappointing policies.”  “Disappointing” is, at best, a charitable adjective.

Wake up, America.  A poignant couple of videos about an artist’s depictions of what is happening to us.  And its sequelThe Forgotten Man, you may remember, is the blockbuster book about the reality of the Great Depression by Amity Shlaes, which I’ve recommended a number of times in the past year or so.

“Although not a Historian, Gingrich plays one of television.”  “If the Newt campaign was a hot air balloon, Will’s columns have been highly accurate cannonry trained on and firing at will for the past few weeks.”  George Will and a cast of assorted pundits and politicians turn Newt into the Hindenberg, whose burned carcass, apparently is retreating to SC to regroup, or, possibly, never to be seen again in the campaign.  Will’s latest column continues to pelt a woozy Newt.

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Battle of Cowpens


Priceless, the Occupiers in Darien, CT.  “A demonstration where those who attended can be identified individually, by name–hilarious! The Occupation movement is a gift; let’s hope it keeps on giving.”


 Egypt’s Kristallnacht.  “Persecution of Christians in Egypt is one of the mysteriously underreported stories of our time.”  Just the latest example of our media’s denigration of Christianity.

US military ‘ready to engage in a conflict with Iran’   notwithstanding the gravity of this quote, attributed to the Commander of the Joint Chiefs, a google search turns up only this Telegraph article.  Our media is a dismal failure.

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