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Are there Republicans Who think Santorum is a Good Idea?  Seriously.  Disaster for sure.            Thankfully, I didn’t hear any of his interviews.

Santorum’s views aren’t all or necessarily anathema to voters, but his intensity and obsession with social issues is toxic with them.  For some reason, GOP Primary voters are either attracted to them or, net, repelled by Romney’s lack of intensity, in general.

The Process is the Process and exposure of the candidates is paramount, but, IMPO, if the voters don’t sober up and realize that Romney is the one who can bet Obama, it will be a dark November and beyond for longer than any freedom loving American should endure.

Related: Romney surges in MI in past week.  All from building himself up, not from knocking Santorum down (which Santorum seems to be trying to take care of, himself.

Obama vs Reagan – comparing performance.  Obama won’t; it’s too dismal, so, he changes the subject.  Good satire.  “During his 1966 campaign for Governor of California, Ronald Reagan aptly described not only the Obama administration but their re-election campaign:  “Government is like a baby.  An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.””


GM’s Record Profits.  Only in the eyes of the sycophant MSM.  Taxes?  What taxes?  Obama waived future taxes by granting GM a $46.4 Billion tax-loss carry-forward.

General comments.

One of the most salient features of severe downturns is that they tend to accelerate deep economic shifts that are already under way. Declining industries and companies fail, spurring workers and capital toward rising sectors; declining cities shrink faster, leaving blight; workers whose roles have been partly usurped by technology are pushed out en masse and never asked to return.” Santorum would be picking winning industries, not the most efficient allocation of capital or labor.


Does Isreal Have to Defend the West?  Given the incompletence of this Administration, the answer is yes.  Check out the alignment.  Iran, Syria and Lebanon against the rest of the planet, but the country that used to have both the brass and the big stick to lead the world, doesn’t have the former and is unwilling to use the latter, which it keeps whittling down toward shavings.

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