Weekend Wrap Dec 11, 2011


 Obama’s Osawatamie speech: “what he’s really doing is pandering to a schoolyard mentality of envy that says, “It’s not fair if other people have more stuff than I do; they must be cheating and they should pay me back” — and that government’s just the one to do it.”  Exactly what one would hear in Venezuela or Argentina.

Related: O’s Osawatomie Decree  Beautiful selection of barbs from leading pundits.

GOP Debate

Pic at link, below


Thumbs up for the House Bill.  A provision directing the Administration to approve the Keystone pipeline is front and center, and that has prompted Obama to promise a veto (empty threat?)  But there are other significant provisions, which should be understood, including a massive subtlety.


 Attorney General Milo Minderbinder  “It is a true pity that Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22, is no longer with us.  He deserved the chance to observe his character Milo Minderbinder, come to life. Minderbinder is Heller’s prototype of deceitful, arrogant authority gone so awry he undercuts the very reason for his post and its operations.”  If this weren’t so very serious, it would be hilarious.  Regerdless, it’s hilarious and pathetic.  How can Holder, the enabler, and the President of the US look anyone in the eye or the teleprompter, as the case may be.


 The Coming Rift between the OWS and the Unions.  MONDAY!  It will be close down the OWS or the Capitalist system.  Place your bets.  I don’t think there is a Las Vegas line, but mine is 1,000-1, that the System prevails.  No points awarded.


 NLRB.  Stuffed, at least by WSJ, but, IMHO, long-term for sure


 Democracy strikes back.  Israeli Courts channel US Liberals: pack the courts, as FDR attempted, to rule the roost.  It’s failing.


Niall Ferguson: Great Britain Save Itself by Rejecting the EU.  The broke says ‘no’ to the more broke, offering a lesson to this broke, which is primary funder of IMF which is trying to help the most broke.  That clear?


Durban’s 17th annual foolishness, aka A Prolonged and Solemn Farce.  “World saving” and world bankrupting, should the ‘plan’ ever be forced on those nations with any resources to surrender.  As mankind has always, since any slice of history has been recorded, flourished more during the warm cycles of ‘climate change, than the cold cycles; and there is no correlation between greenhouse gases and temperature, why waste giant footprints of carbon to assemble in South Africa to discuss ways to accelerate the inability to deal with climate change?

Deal or No Deal?  Not clear to me, except Deal means nothing if that’s what it is.  Deal, would be punishing to the industrialized world.  Period.

Quit Pretending we know what causes Climate Change.  A new song by the Pretenders.  If only.


You can see why the economy is in trouble. Vice President Joe Biden, the stimulus sheriff, says he turned first to MF Global’s Jon Corzine for economic advice and President Obama thinks 20,000 people getting extended unemployment benefits does more for the economy than 20,000 people getting paychecks to build the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada.

With this level of BS, is there any reason to reelect this liar?

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